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Don't be fooled by a SIM, Brower Mechanical, CA
Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker take you on an incredible energy exploration in this show starting out with the success of the first Energy... Read more
Time for a Complimentary Clipboard Audit, Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
Clip Board Audit. It's exactly what you think when you apply it to your homes' energy usage. How do you know what you're working to improve, reduce,... Read more
Continuing Education on Energy Information, Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
An Energy Exploratorium? How cool is that? You can actually dig in and really up your awareness and knowledge of what it takes to properly address... Read more
Breathe easier this new year, Brower Home Power Hour, Sacramento, CA
Happy New Year! So the holidays are now over and everyone looks forward to a fresh start. Even your hosts, Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker have... Read more
Happy Holidays! Will your roof support a sleigh? ,  Brower Mechanical, Sacramento, CA
First and foremost, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with friends and family. Today's show dedicates an entire segment to the upper most... Read more
Visit the Brower Mechanical Showroom in Rocklin, CA
Bet you never knew you could actually touch and feel energy and energy savings. Well now you can when you visit the Brower Mechanical showroom in... Read more
Learn how making energy upgrades to your Sacramento, CA home can increase your total savings in the long run!
That’s right! Did you know there are many ways you can upgrade your home energy system and over a given period of time, the entire cost of the... Read more
Brower Mechanical Trains Sierra College Students for jobs at 2001 Renewable Energy Center, CA
A program with a local college gives students experience working on a landfill-gas-to-energy facility in Roseville, Calif.
Learn how windows, clean air and less noise can benefit your Sacramento, CA home with Brower Home Power Hour!
What a show this week! Your hosts, Bill Small and Duane Knickerbocker know it out of the park with an interview about the impact of windows on home... Read more
Is your home stuffing itself by gobbling energy? Brower Home Power Hour, Sacramento, CA
Is your home gobbling up your money by stuffing itself full of wasted energy? If so, this is the show to listen to as your host Bill Small talks with... Read more


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