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Brower Home Power Hour: Formerly the CHERP Energy Wise Forum, Brower Mechanical has now recrafted the program to further promote the process of home energy optimization thru home energy audits, insulation, windows, solar and more. Continuing the relationship with the non-profit Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)monthly seminars are designed to provide access to virtually free home energy assessments ($300+ value!)that can then lead to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives to both reduce expense and increase home values. An incredibly informative show to help anyone considering solar or home energy upgrades make the best investment decision utilizing the small solar process by reducing before producing.

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Radio Show Archive

December 3, 2017: Sniff, Sniff, Stink! What's that smell???

You turn the furnace on because there's finally a chill in the air and you're actually cold in the house. Then it comes, that burning stink pushing thru the heat ducts and in to your home. Ugh, that's awful! Don't worry, your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small address what it is and why it's no big deal. And then, the conversation turns to the effects of these national disasters like hurricanes, floods and fires on your local utility. Yes, you are going to feel the impact in your pocketbook. Tune in to find out how and why and what you can do to minimize that impact with some very simple steps. The discussion then turns to how to best save on your home energy expense now that the year is coming to a close. The exclusive Clip Board Audit is the answer to begin the process of identifying your next step and the application of those findings to determine you greatest opportunity to both save and take advantage of rebates. Identifying what's best for you in your situation is the objective of every in-home analysis when you work with the professionals from Brower. For more information on how you can save on home energy call 916-624-0808 or visit on line at

November 26, 2017: Just like Goldilocks found, do you find your home feels “just right”?

Join your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small as they move the hot air around in a fashion that helps you say, it feels just right. The hot air in your home, that is, not the production studio! Today's show is about getting your home's heating and energy consumption "just right" for you and your family. Clearly, every home, every person, has what they would deem to be the ideal temperature inside but so often, the home cannot provide that temperature in every room 100% of the time. Today's show focuses on heating in the home with a discussion of the many options you have today to get it "just right". Gas, electric, even hybrid systems now give you the control to do what is best under the circumstances. When things go wrong, so many companies will say you need to replace your HVAC system but the reality is that if your system is less than 15 years old, it's likely a much less expensive repair vs a much more expensive replacement. It's always good to get a second opinion when it comes to a situation of repair vs replace. In many cases, the replacement is not necessary and there's still a good amount of time left with the existing equipment. This is the time of year these things really manifest themselves so don't let it happen without a good deal of input on your end, give Brower Mechanical a call today at 916-624-0808 or visit on line at

November 19, 2017: Is your house set to become an unwanted guest hotel for the holidays?

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small waste no time getting into today's show as time is of the essence. Unwanted guests include rodents and bugs looking for a nicer place than the wet and cold exterior. Find out why Brower is your source to eliminate this problem as well as, everything home energy. Did you know you can actually turn your attic into "conditioned" space and use it as a storage opportunity, possibly eliminating the need for a storage unit? Duane and Bill talk about how this can be done, the benefits and the fact that your savings may even offset the investment in energy upgrades or solar! That's certainly worth listening for! You can expect a fact filled show with real case studies of homeowners experiencing the very same issues and concern you have for your home's energy. For more information, call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808. On line at

November 12, 2017: Smart people, dumb homes...learn how to start the education.

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss the technology that is going into "smart homes" today that greatly reduce the energy consumption and improve the comfort of the home. From opportunities to eliminate the need for solar in some cases to leveraging other people's money for your projects (like the utilitiy's), it's a show full of ideas and options to improve the efficiency of you greatest asset. You'll also hear about some of the financial mechanisms you can take advantage of to make your energy reduction process affordable and reasonable. The discussion rambles into the new technology of heat pumps, water heater heat pumps and the dual fuel furnaces that would allow a home the choice of fuel to use given the pricing at a particular time. Gas or electric is going to be the discussion in the near future as both will rise in price. The question is which will rise faster and cost more? Learn from the pros and get that house of yours a degree in efficiency. For more information, call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808 or on line at

November 5, 2017: A change in time today... and time to change your home energy plan too!

So you got an extra hour of sleep today and you're fired up to listen to the show. Great! It's a good one. Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small bring you a plethora of valuable talking points as we head into the new season with rain and cold and wind. Consider also, that the solar opportunity for the Federal rebate in 2018 is just about over so act now if that's a consideration. And speaking of solar, consideration has to be given to the quality of the install as rain approaches. It's imperative to be certain your installation doesn't leave your roof looking like Swiss Cheese and feeling like a waterfall when it rains. It's happened. So be prepared after that first rainfall to double check in your attic to be sure you're roof is sealed properly from the solar installation. How to do that? Listen up! Today's show also addresses the values of the various financing plans when you go solar and the savings yield once you're home is energy independent. Find out why it's better than any return you'll get on your 401K. Seriously! Like any successful operation, planning and systems to maximize that plan mean everything. Do you have an energy plan for your home? Goals for your expectations of energy usage? Learn more about that process right here. It's all happening during the Brower Home Power Hour every week. For more information, call 916-624-0808 or visit on line at

October 29, 2017: Do you have an energy vampire sucking the electricity out of your home?

It may be Halloween but that doesn't mean your home energy systems should have you scared to death. Listen today as your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small, dispel the myths of houses haunted by high energy and creatures in the attics that don't belong. Pardon the puns but it is Halloween and you should never be creeped out about the place you call home. Learn why less tricks and more treat is what you want if going solar is a consideration. Would you be spooked if you turned everything off in your home only to find that the electric meter was still running? How that could happen and does happen in most homes is covered in the ghastly discussion today. It's worth a whisper to share the story so tune in and enjoy!

For more information on how you can prevent ghosts from haunting your energy service, call Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or reach out on line to They'll exorcise those demons right out of your place immediately!

October 22, 2017: There's a chill in the air but there shouldn't be in your house.

It's that time of year again when the weather begins to change, the chill is in the evening air, the leaves begin to turn to orange and yellow and brown hues and clearly , the season is about to change. Join Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small as they lead you into the reality of home energy in the autumn. You want to keep that chill on the outside and the comfort of 72 degrees on the inside permanently. Do you know how many windows on average would need to be open in the house to keep the fresh air moving through? You'll be surprised at the answer in todays show. You'll also hear from a caller who has had his HVAC for 24 years and needs some solutions to his concerns. Brower to the rescue of course! Duct leaks? Yup. They all do. So what do you do to remedy that situation? You'll get the answers and so much more about home energy and small solar when you listen to the show this week. Just in time with the falling temperatures is the timing for a complete revitalization of your home's HVAC as well.

Call Brower Mechanical today at 816-624-0808 or on line at

October 15, 2017: How best to spend your home's "anyway" money wisely.

Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small know all too well from experience that too much can sometimes result in not enough. Take your HVAC for example. Just because your furnace is keeping the house warm, or your AC is keeping the house cool, having too much heating or cooling capacity could really be resulting in having not enough efficiency in the home. Some homes have had so many people repair or replace HVAC equipment that eventually, nobody really knows what's going on overall. That means it's really time to assess and evaluate your home's energy efficiency with a free clip board audit. Too many cooks in the kitchen usually results in a bad meal and the same can be said of too many techs in your home's heating and cooling systems. Consolidate! Just because you're going to be spending the money to heat or cool "anyway", doesn't mean you shouldn't put it to the most efficient work. What if you could replace aging home energy systems with no change in your overall monthly expense? You're going to spend that money "anyway", right? That's where the folk at Brower Mechanical come in. Make that monthly investment work harder for you and get you a positive result as opposed to just spending it "anyway".

Call the team at Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808 or visit them online at You're likely on-line "anyway"...

October 8, 2017: Key Energy moves to make now for the new season

You've had it with the old place. Drafty, damp and cold and your energy bills are through the roof. So move why don't ya? DON'T! You really don't have to. Listen as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small share the steps you can take to make your home the comfortable, efficient oasis it should be. Thru simple analysis like a Clip Board Audit, you can get your home back on track to meet the energy expectations you have, not what others think it should be. It's sure to save you money that would certainly have gone into the expense of a move and you'll get to enjoy the home as it was meant to be enjoyed. From rebates and a variety of savings options, to the possibility of solar and even a healthier living environment, Brower Mechanical will take you thru the various options available to you to be sure you're accomplishing the objectives you set. Don't enter the autumn season expecting high gas bills. Rest assured knowing you have a partner on your side to help you do what you need to do and the knowledge of how to take advantage of all the rebates and reductions in expense to make the investment a worthwhile one. Why wait?

Call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808 or visit on-line at

October 1, 2017: Is your house "falling" into the season prepared?

Fall is upon us! Crisp mornings, beautiful days, and a chill in the air. It all means it's time to get your house in order for the change of seasons. No more A/C and into the heat. But even more importantly, is the consideration of solar. Don't wait until the last minute to act as you have to have your solar install complete to get the rebate in 2017. As a Brower Home Power Hour listener, you know the need to "reduce before you produce" your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small so aptly reinforce each week. The sting of those summer bills may be gone but don't make the mistake of waiting too long to act. Now is the time to put it all behind you, get the house ready and revitalized for the change of seasons (and changing thermostat!) and be sure to get your solar completed by years' end.

Get it done right and get your choice of a new water heater, whole house fan or variable speed pool pump by calling Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808 or visiting them on-line at

But hurry! Time is running out.