Electrical Upgrades for Home Electrification Services

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More and more California homeowners are embracing the push to upgrade the appliances and systems in their homes with alternatives that:

  • Run their homes via electricity

  • Use cleaner energy sources and less fossil fuels

  • Save money through improved energy efficiency and lower utility bills

  • Are better for the environment

But as you electrify more and more elements of your home, you need to ensure your home’s electrical system is also up to the task. Brower Mechanical offers electrical upgrade services specifically designed to aid home electrification efforts in the Sacramento area. 

Electrical Upgrades You Will Need to Electrify Your Home

Electrifying your Sacramento home reduces (and can eventually eliminate) your use of oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. But that means that your home will be using more electricity to stay comfortable, and your existing electrical system will likely need upgrades—especially if you plan on installing solar panels. Electrical upgrades can include:

  • Replacing/upgrading your electrical panel to support solar, electric vehicle charging, and other electrification upgrades

  • Electrical wiring for solar 

  • Upgrading your electrical system for more efficient HVAC systems 

Brower Mechanical’s team of electricians will work with you to plan out the electrification upgrades you intend to make in your home and ensure that your Rocklin, Roseville, or Lincoln home is set up to handle the additional electric load.

What Home Electrification Upgrades Are Available?

With your electrical system is good shape, you’ll be better prepared for any number of electrification upgrades, including:

Electrify Your Home the Right Way with the Local Company Your Neighbors Trust

Home electrification is a great way to save money, improve energy efficiency, and use clean sources of energy to power your home, but upgrades need to be well thought out by professionals with a track record of clean energy upgrades and quality customer service.

Brower Mechanical has more than 40 years of experience helping California homeowners in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, and more upgrade their homes, and from solar installation to HVAC upgrades and electrical work, we’re the only company you’ll need to call when you’re looking for home improvement work done right.

Make home electrification easier than ever with electrical systems upgrades from Brower Mechanical. Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us today to schedule work.

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