Energy Efficiency Rebates from SMUD

Due to the unforeseen and sizeable economic impacts of COVID-19, SMUD has made the difficult decision to suspend some rebates and reduce rebate amounts for the remainder of the year, effective June 1, 2020. To qualify for the current rebates, all jobs must be completed and applications approved no later than May 29, 2020. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to efficiency requirements and program terms and conditions. Please check SMUD for the latest developments.If you have any questions, please contact Brower Mechanical.

In an effort to help homeowners throughout the Sacramento area increase the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is offering local customers valuable rebates and convenient financing options for energy efficiency upgrades like air sealing and insulation.

As a local partner with SMUD, Brower Mechanical offers a wide variety energy efficiency services that qualify for these incentives.

The SMUD Home Performance Program

SMUD’s Home Performance Program (HPP) takes a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, offering homeowners valuable incentives as they complete home upgrades which work together to increase home efficiency. The more energy efficiency upgrades you bundle together, the more you’ll save in rebates.

You can participate in HPP by taking three simple steps:

1. Select your contractor.

Brower Mechanical is a participating HPP contractor. We’ll recommend energy efficiency improvements, available rebates, and financing options that suit your home and budget.

2. Select your home upgrade package.

Home upgrade packages include air sealing & insulation, heating & cooling system upgrades and the Go Electric Home Bonus.

3. Finance your project with SMUD.

After choosing your upgrade package and available rebates, get 6.99% APR financing for your project.

Which Energy Efficiency Upgrades Qualify for Rebates?

As certified home experts, we can help you determine which qualifying home upgrades are best for your home. Available HPP rebates include:

Receive $3,000 when you air seal and re-insulate your home.

Receive $4,000 when you upgrade to high efficiency heating and AC equipment.

First, replace your gas furnace with a heat pump HVAC system and receive a rebate of up to $2,500.

Second, replace your gas water heatr with a Heat Pump Water Heater and get a bonus rebate of up to $3,000. 

Really want to go all-electric? Third, make your home all electric ready and get a further rebate of up to $2,500. 

Also, receive up to $2,500 for upgrading your electrical panel ($500 towards each new electric circuit). Eligible circuits include: EV charger, cooktop or range, and clothes dryer. 

  • High air flow performance rebate bonus - Available until May 29, 2020

Get an additional $500 when your new HVAC system has an airflow of 400 CFM/Ton or more.

  • New windows rebate bonus - Available May 29, 2020

Get an additional $500 for installing new windows.

  • Whole House Fan bonus - Available until May 29, 2020

Get an additional $100 towards installing a whole house fan. Additional incentives for whole-house fans that meet SMUD program requirements may be included with either of the above packages.

After June 1 Rebates

Starting from June 1, 2020, the following home performance upgrades will still be available:

  • Heat pump HVAC upgrade: electric to electric = $750

  • Heat pump HVAC upgrade: gas to electric = $2,500

  • Panel Upgrade = $2,500

  • Circuit Upgrade = $500

Save When You Boost Home Efficiency with Brower

At Brower Mechanical, we believe that every homeowner in the Sacramento area deserves to live in a comfortable and energy efficient home. We also understand that improving home comfort and efficiency can be an investment.

As a participating Home Performance Program contractor, we can improve your home while helping you save with valuable incentives. Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us to learn more about SMUD energy efficiency rebates and financing!

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can be affordable.

Ask us about SMUD energy efficiency financing and rebates.

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