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How it Works

Unlike forced air systems that heat air, radiant heating systems heat surfaces to provide exceptional winter comfort. They provide heat where it is needed most, typically in the floors. The process is simple: Warm water circulates in tubes under a floor. The system uses pumps not fans, making it ideal for people that don’t like hot air blowing on them. The result is a gradual heat that our radiant heating clients have praised.

Exceptional Comfort

Radiant heat results in warmer temperatures on the floor, providing heat where the occupants of the house are spending time. Because hot air rises, warm air from the floors naturally mixes, avoiding hot spots. The systems are more efficient because they deliver heat where it is needed, unlike other heating systems that result in a warm ceiling and a cool floor. In addition, our highly trained Brower Mechanical technicians evenly space the radiant tubing, ensuring even temperatures and comfort.

Clean Indoor Air

Forced air heat uses fans to distribute air in your home through ductwork. As dust, mold and pollen infiltrate the duct system, these contaminants flow throughout your home or business. Radiant floor systems do not contain ducts to distribute heat, merely water through a tubing system so your home's indoor air quality will improve!

During Sacramento­-area winters, residents often report being finding the air in the homes to be overly dry. Radiant heating systems do not dehumidify the air, so winter humidity levels remain higher for greater home comfort.

Safe for Children

Radiators can get very hot during the heating season, resulting in a burning hazard for children. Radiant floor heating systems have the tubing located below the floor, making them safer for children. Children also commonly drop toys and other items in heating vents, cluttering up the ducts. Because radiant floor heating systems have hidden tubing instead of ductwork, you don’t need to worry about dolls and trucks falling into ducts.

Tidy Appearance and Good Use of Space

Our radiant floor clients appreciate the space that radiant heating systems free up. The mechanicals take up little space, and the hydronic tubing is much smaller than the ductwork on forced air furnaces. Radiant floor heating systems save room, freeing up space that would otherwise be filled with heating equipment.

Lower Energy Bills

Radiant heating systems are often more efficient than forced air systems because they eliminate the heat loss through ducts. For our clients wishing to have zoned heat for lower energy bills and greater comfort, radiant heating a great option.

Depending on the overall efficiency of your home, radiant floor heating systems can be up to 30% more efficient than forced air heating. This is because underfloor systems supply warmth where occupants come in contact with it, in the floor.

In fact, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) reports that building occupants are comfortable with radiant heating at temperatures 6 to 8 degrees cooler than a room with convection or forced air heat. This can result in big energy savings during Northern California winters, while maintaining comfort.

Get Radiant Heating for your Sacramento Home

Brower Mechanical serves Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Davis, Yuba City, Lincoln and Granite Bay to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with radiant heating. These innovative systems provide unbeatable winter comfort, and provide numerous benefits.

Radiant heat is the future – call Brower today for your new system, and start enjoying all the benefits!

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