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Brower Home Power Hour: Formerly the CHERP Energy Wise Forum, Brower Mechanical has now recrafted the program to further promote the process of home energy optimization thru home energy audits, insulation, windows, solar and more. Continuing the relationship with the non-profit Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)monthly seminars are designed to provide access to virtually free home energy assessments ($300+ value!)that can then lead to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives to both reduce expense and increase home values. An incredibly informative show to help anyone considering solar or home energy upgrades make the best investment decision utilizing the small solar process by reducing before producing.

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Wow! It’s already 2019. With the whirlwind of incredible technological advances in home energy and interconnectivity to help manage all your creature comforts and peace of mind that took place in... Read more
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"Today's show is an encore presentation of the Brower Home Power Hour. Please enjoy. To all of you from all of us at Brower Mechanical, have a safe and Happy New Year. Our 2019 resolution is to share... Read more

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January 6, 2019: Happy New Year...Did you resolve to lower your home energy expense?

Wow! It’s already 2019. With the whirlwind of incredible technological advances in home energy and interconnectivity to help manage all your creature comforts and peace of mind that took place in 2018, you can only imagine what’s in store for the new year! Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small start immediately on the course of technology to help lower expense and put you in a more comfortable and healthy living environment. And there’s more! With the advent of interconnectivity systems, you’ll hear how some of that is actually translating into home security as well. The “Nest” devices are a great example. Thermostats, doorbell cameras, internal video and all from your mobile device or phone. It’s absolutely mind boggling to think this has all taken place in just a couple of years. You can get it all in a simple video by visiting the That will get you started.

Now, heading deeper into the discussion, know you have options whenever whatever happens to your system for home comfort. Everything can be fixed and the results could be surprising. And since nearly 50% of homeowners’ believe they have an energy efficient home, it’s well worth the investment in time to explore the opportunity to see what your options could be. Maybe it’s worth repairing a failing unit to buy time to get you where you want to be. Maybe you’re better off not fixing but replacing with more current technology. Think for a minute about using your energy expense as an investment tool. What if you actually reduced expense and gained value? This is an excellent story on a case study for best usage of your home energy expense converted to a positive return. A great ROI (return on investment). Do the math by comparison to your portfolio investment in this crazy stock market we’re seeing today. The opportunity cost is tremendous and only getting better! An investment in your home energy system may actually yield a greater return than your investments in your retirement account. And the best part...when you do these types of upgrades, you’ll get a formal document to show the value that the real estate market has to take into account when appraising your home, thus raising the value of your home too! It’s really a win win situation for everyone.

So you’ve come down to actually making a decision for energy upgrades and solar. Hear a great case study to give yourself some benchmarks to consider, evaluate and get the most return out of the investment. As we opened with technology changes, we close with technology opportunities. Well worth the listen to learn what electrical options exist that are more efficient than anything you’re using today. Learn what electrification really means. How heat pumps are in your future and how you can get a solid return regardless of how long you’ll be staying in the home. It’s all right here on the Brower Home Power Hour today.
Call Brower Mechanical for details of anything you heard on the show. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

December 30, 2018: Encore Presentation: Home Energy Efficiency

"Today's show is an encore presentation of the Brower Home Power Hour. Please enjoy. To all of you from all of us at Brower Mechanical, have a safe and Happy New Year. Our 2019 resolution is to share more home energy upgrades, reduce your energy expenses and get you into a healthier, more comfortable living environment in the new year."

December 23, 2018: Santa Baby, how about a more energy efficient home for the holidays?

OK, hopefully, you’ve got all your holiday shopping complete but you can be sure that there are two guys you’re listening to that have some work to do. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get after ways you can help pay for those holiday gifts by reducing your expense. Yes, really! Start in the right place with the ability to control your home’s energy usage. Step one: possibly Nest thermostats. Learn the advantages on line. Brower is one of only 4 Nest elite dealers in the market. Find out why and how they earned the ability to do so. Hear about the technology explosion in HVAC. Exciting stuff you may want learn about, especially if you’re in the market for improvements.

Find out how to get the most out of your home’s energy upgrades by reinvesting in your home vs spend, spend, spend. Get greater value for your home, save money, get a healthier, more comfortable and yes, even quieter home by doing the process correctly. Take it from the experts, there’s definitely a “right” way to getting this done correctly and where else to hear it that way than right here?

This time of year presents opportunities that don’t always exist. There’s even a special holiday bonus in this show and it will save you money. Especially if you have SMUD as your primary source of energy. They’ve lowered their rates if you were to consume energy at the right times. It’s really worth exploring if you’re currently in the market for new energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home. The benefits could make the decision a real no-brainer. It’s worth getting the video to learn what it is you can do. Just go to and type in “Leverage SMUD”. You’ll hear that, in many cases, heating bills shifted from gas can be cut in half. That’s right. Your bill would be reduced by 50%. Why not reinvest it into something for your home for the new year? SMUD is willing to help with huge rebates when you further electrify your home. The rebates are truly incredible and now is the time to take advantage of them before they go away. For more information, be sure to visit: or call Brower Mechanical today at 916-624-0808. There’s never been a better time to do so.

From all of us at Brower Mechanical, have a very Merry Christmas holiday with family and friends!!!

December 16, 2018: Are you solarizing your home’s inefficiencies??? Stop it!

Oh boy have your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small got a show for you today. The title almost sounds a little like a scolding. But the reality is that many people go out and try to solarize their home before getting the home energy efficient, thus minimizing the amount of solar you actually need. By doing so, you’re certain to add too much solar and not get the best result either! That’s the one guarantee you can be sure of in that case and at $1000 per panel, that’s likely not the best way to go. You can see so much by simply visiting www.gosmallsolar.comthat it may even prompt you into the Brower Showroom to see firsthand what the guys are always talking about when it’s time to make the move to energy efficiency. See what a real attic situation looks before and after energy upgrades. Learn why there’s a good reason to get your job permitted when you’re changing out your HVAC.

Do you know what your “true” energy monthly expense really is? Most folk just assume it’s the electricity consumption but it also needs to include the gas to determine an average monthly bill. When you do that math, you may find you’re actually a great candidate for upgrades that not only produce results but that actually yield you something in return. That same average spend for the utility commodity could just as well be converted to a spend for new equipment that helps lower your bills, increase your home’s value and gives you a better living environment as well! That’s a win/win for sure! And the net expense could be the same or less! If you’re going to spend the money anyway, you may as well get something to show for it, don’t you agree? It’s up to you. Spend the money with nothing to show for it, or let Brower Mechanical help you learn how to get something for that investment that’s tangible, lowers your long term utility bill to something predictable and gets the job you want done as well.
You’ll hear Duane discuss a great case study on a 3000 square foot home that went thru this exact process. The outcome is incredible.

Today there’s also a guest on the show from Ygrene home energy financing. That’s all they do and it’s built with no credit check, no long process to get an answer and no back and forth. As part of the PACE program, the decision to finance your program can be made as you’re going thru the report from you home energy contractor. No FICO or credit checks necessary. What’s special is that Brower Mechanical, now nearly 40 years in business, was one of the first contractors to embrace the Ygrene opportunity to help finance your energy upgrades. You’ll want to hear what they can offer if you’re in the process of beginning a home energy upgrade.

Finally, Duane and Bill leave you with a vivid and helpful discussion on the inefficiencies of pool pumps and the values of the newer variable speed pumps. From energy to noise to cleaning capability, if you have a pool, you need to hear this segment.

With the holidays just around the corner, you could be planning to save into next year so that purchasing your gifts could be literally “free” if you’ve saved on energy expenses. That’s a gift unto itself! To find out how to make all this happen, give Brower Mechanical a call. 916-624-0808 or visit on-line at It’s worth the time to look.

December 11, 2018: Key Steps to Minimize the Smoke in Your Home

It’s no joke. The smoke from the fires is serious. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small address the issue and what you should do to minimize the smell in the home. If you can smell smoke, it’s coming in from somewhere on the outside. Know what that means? Something is allowing outside air in. Hear what it is when your hosts get into the conversation. You might be surprised...

The discussion shifts to another time sensitive matter and that’s solar for the home. In order to get the tax credit, it’s time to act if you want the deduction in 2018. The system has to be installed to get the credit and that means the timing is important. If you don’t act soon, you’ll miss the window to get things in time for the deduction in 2018. The interest in electricity has changed in so many of our applications that there are considerations that would never have been possible only 5 years ago. Find out why a happy customer gave his description of the outcome of electric heat as “womblike” comfort. Not that’s a big statement. And just another reason to make the move to get something started if you’re going to try to get the tax credit this year.

Having a guest in the studio is always a pleasure and when that guest is giving you information on how to save money and help you pay for it with attractive options, it’s just all that much better. Even better yet, this is not a credit based program but an equity based opportunity that helps homeowners reduce their energy consumption from electricity, gas, even water usage. Why would you not take advantage of the program? It’s possible that the cost of the program could be offset by the savings on energy expense. Isn’t that the objective?

Finally, are you a pie peeker? We know it’s Thanksgiving. We know the food is incredible, smells great and we all want to taste and sample. But if you’re trying to minimize the waste of energy, don’t want to over-heat the house, don’t peek on the pie in the oven! Just had to get that out there. I know you’re still going to do it. C’mon. That browned buttery criss-crossed crust on the top of the apple pie is so fun to see in its’ glory. Or the lightly golden orange of the pumpkin as it thickens in the crust while the oven does its’ thing. Oh the aroma, the smell of fresh baked apple or pumpkin pie. Yum. So, once you’re done stuffing yourself, give the guys at Brower Mechanical a call. 916-624-0808 or on-line

Lastly, be sure to give Thanks for all you have and remember those who have lost so much in the fires up north. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

December 9, 2018: Put a little energy into your home energy reduction

How does nearly $4M in home performance energy savings sound? That’s the value of the tax credits and rebates that Brower Mechanical has seen customers save since they began their reducing before producing programs. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small share how you’re able to get what it is YOU want in your home energy consumption, savings and efforts to improve the quality of your in-home comfort and efficiency. That’s a lot of money over a little period of time and it can be something you can do right away.

If you’re a regular listener to the show, you also know there’s a showroom for everyone to get into to see what the opportunities are that exist but there are also videos to save you the trip. Check them out on line and remember they serve to fourget. Yes, that’s spelled correctly. Four gets:

1) Get a plan
2) Get an energy upgrade
3) Get small solar
4) Get the right financing

There are videos to walk you thru the process. Simply and easily. Right from the comfort of your home living room.

The guys continue an in depth discussion on geo-thermal options to save you big on taxes as well as energy bills. Learn what that all means as it’s really quite the interesting. (And get’s you a 30% tax credit too!) Find out what the options are that you have at your disposal. Find out what small solar really means when you consume less electricity. At $1000 per solar panel, do you want to load up with excess solar panels or have a healthier, more efficient home with less panels?

Here’s something to give consideration to. If you’re in the SMUD service area, you may not even need solar. The new “time of use” pricing is so efficient, you could save enough to get enough energy reduction and the rebates to make solar a secondary consideration. How about that!

The conversation continues on to insulation and ducting. They may not be glamorous but it’s a true nuts and bolts process that gets you the biggest bang for your buck in the long run. This is the result in most of the home energy analysis. You’ll learn why this is one of the best opportunities to save yourself the most. And there’s even more to this segment that you’ve got to hear to understand. It’s a huge discussion with a great deal of value.

Closing the show, the case study given is one that most people can relate to. The home energy assessment done on this house is an eye opener with $13,000 in rebates to cover nearly half the entire project. Done properly, you too can reduce your utility bill with payments for the service less than what you started with and have all the new equipment giving you a healthier, more efficient home. What better way to go to head into the holidays! Give Brower Mechanical a call today at 916-624-0808. Online at ... Find the energy to start saving energy!

December 2, 2018: What’s going on with what’s going on in Home Energy???

We finally got our rain, a little chill and It’s beginning to feel a lot like well... Christmas. That’s not lost on your hosts Duane Knickerbocker or Bill Small as they get into the spirit of giving by giving great information on how you can save enough to make Christmas spending a joy to the world going forward! Now, with that chill you’ve been experiencing, here’s to hoping your home energy system is doing all that you expect of it! Warm, cozy and comfortable nights during the season.

As the show must go on, you’ll get an earful of discussion about energy independence. What the heck is it anyway? Hear how that’s a subjective outcome and some of the expectations Duane has had to deal with. If it’s all about simply getting some stability in your home energy expense, then you’re in luck as that’s where the conversation goes with a fabulous case study of how one homeowner was helped to meet his needs of a flat bill all year long with no spikes or large variances. Yes, when planned properly, you can have your heating and A/C bills be about the same equalizing your energy expense over the course of the year. How about that for a comforting outcome!

Duane also explains the detail behind the four gets. Yes, intentionally labeled, there are “four gets” that make up nearly every home energy plan. I’ll not spoil it for you. Just listen in for your “gets”.

Is there value in routine service or maintenance? Well, listen to the conversation from a caller that helps explain why you might want to consider a regular and routine service agreement. Some of the reasons may be quite obvious but others not so much.

Closing out the conversation, find out what it is that the new home builders are up to and what you can do to improve on what’s affectionately called “builder grade” systems and home energy products. This might be a bit surprising given all the noise/news about home energy. 
That’s quite a bit of content for just a li’l ol’ show leading up to the holidays. You had better give Brower Mechanical a call or email before the year is out. There may be incentives, rebates or other opportunities you don’t want to miss to help make your home healthier, more comfortable less expensive to operate. Call the folks at Brower today at 916-624-0808 or visit them on-line at

November 25, 2018: Don’t let turkey tryptophan slow you down!

OK, so you’re likely stuffed, finished up all your black Friday shopping and are just getting ready for cyber Monday sales. Then you’re done with all that holiday shopping, right? NOT!!!
Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small have some fun with the dialogue today and you’ll have to chuckle when you hear the incredible whole house fan story... It’s a first for all us.

The show shifts to Duane addressing a call from an attorney who is slightly abrasive and wants his HVAC unit repaired but doesn’t want the typical “rip-off” tech coming in and telling him all he needs done when he believes he really needs nothing. Duane sets everyone straight with his real- life story of how he did the job when he was a tech and how things have changed and what to expect. And when it’s time for your evaluation of a new furnace, listen to the options that get presented and described. This is must have information if this is where you are in the process. Is electric heat an option? Do you need gas? How about both? Yes, that option does exist! And it can be done for very little more investment.

Getting things done right are what it’s always all about and when you hear the story from a caller who had an issue done wrong, you’ll want to listen up. Sometimes second opinions really do count.

When is it just right? What’s are the options to heat and cool the home? How does the situation get assessed to determine the best way to go? The solution is simple. Get a clipboard audit. Watch the video on line from the website. Then discuss your goals and objectives and the likely solutions. The folks at Brower Mechanical can help all along the way. Call them today at 916-624-0808 or visit on line at and enjoy the leftovers!

November 14, 2018: SMART SMART SMART!!!

Do you find yourself barking commands in your home when no one is there? And it all seems perfectly normal doesn’t it? There would have been a time when people would have thought you’ve gone mad. Today, it’s just you talking to your smart phone, smart speaker or smart thermostat. Soon it may even be your smart microwave, stove or faucet. Listen in as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small talk about so many of the changes taking place with smart technology movement and how it’s going to lead to more home energy efficiency. There’s a lot going on you won’t want to miss and a whole lot more self-talking going on than you ever thought possible!

What is it that makes some companies more referred than others? Listen to a caller as he describes the reason he chose Brower, the next steps he wanted to take and how he felt his service was as provided by the technicians that came out. It’s really quite a statement to a company that cares. The discussion continues as Duane identifies the process and the reasons his team does what is they do. It really is all about customer service, identifying needs, catching problems before they occur and alerting you to options to make things more efficient, less expensive and even healthier!

Interestingly, the show can always come around to starting something on the road to more energy efficiency. It’s about a plan. Taking advantage of the opportunities. Start with the attic and you don’t have to get it all done at once. Get it right. Take your time. Maybe it’s over the course of several years. Things are changing dramatically. Remember, we’re talking about “smart” stuff here. There are HVAC systems that run on both gas and electricity. Are they worth considering? Why would you not if what you’re trying to accomplish is the most return on your investment? This is what it’s all about. Check out the website, watch a couple of the videos and learn what it is you’re thinking about doing. Then make the call and start with a clip board audit or even a home energy audit. Either way, you’re going to find the best way to do things for your personal situation. Don’t make a solar decision without doing an audit. Reach out today to Brower Mechanical at 916-624-0808. On line at

November 9, 2018: Is there such a thing as a double-digit tax free return on your investment? Listen up.

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get into the opportunities some of you have been asking about. What things can you actually do yourself? And this is the weekend to do something yourself! It’s fall behind time change. Time change means battery change for all your devices like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and even alarm clocks. If you want to consider even more steps you can take, visit the Brower Mechanical Home Energy Showroom. Get a demonstration on the project you’re considering and be sure it’s something you’re ready to tackle. The help is there for you.

That’s just the beginning of a high energy, exciting show. How do you realize a return much higher than your 401K is likely returning...and tax free? Consider the benefits of a home revitalization that may include solar, that’s how. The example given in the show returned over 18% in tax free benefit! Now, that’s a huge swing that makes sense to reduce your expense and then allow you to put more money into your savings or retirement accounts or kids college account or your vacation plan... Get it? Keep listening. You’ve surely heard that it’s not what you make but what you save. Well, this is exactly what the guys are talking about today. Not to mention, the solar tax credits for this year are coming to a close as the year winds down.

As the show progresses, you’ll hear about some unfortunate situation where a homeowner trying to torch spiders sets the house on fire! Well, spiders are a great indicator of energy inefficiency as they’re coming into the home from leaky areas. Who would have thought our creepy crawly web spinning friends could communicate something to us about the efficiency of our homes?

Closing the show, hear what your energy company has to say about reducing before producing. Get it right before you do solar. Check out the website of whomever it is you get your electricity from. You’ll be surprised what they encourage you to do. Smaller solar is absolutely the answer and you’ll love the case study Duane provides. This will give you all the motivation you need to do what you need to do. Give Brower Mechanical a call today at 916-624-0808. On line at ... you guessed it, Start saving and take the step.