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Brower Home Power Hour: Formerly the CHERP Energy Wise Forum, Brower Mechanical has now recrafted the program to further promote the process of home energy optimization thru home energy audits, insulation, windows, solar and more. Continuing the relationship with the non-profit Community Home Energy Retrofit Project (CHERP)monthly seminars are designed to provide access to virtually free home energy assessments ($300+ value!)that can then lead to maximizing government and utility rebates and incentives to both reduce expense and increase home values. An incredibly informative show to help anyone considering solar or home energy upgrades make the best investment decision utilizing the small solar process by reducing before producing.

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Well, both your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small, fess up on their Valentines memory. And hop right back into the show to bring you information that is going to save you money. Listen up to... Read more
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Your hosts immediately get into reflection of a seminar they recently attended that was focused on home energy upgrades, solar and home energy efficiency. What took place and what occurred will... Read more

Radio Show Archive

October 2, 2018: H-AC... Where’s the V?

You may be able to deduce what the “H” in HVAC is and more likely than not, you really know what the “AC” stands for. But what about that V? Listen in as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss a lot about that “V” and its’ impact on your home. It’s possibly one of the most significant letters in HVAC. That naturally leads to the conversation on how to best seal your home from the unwanted outside elements while keeping in the intentional interior elements. 
Unfortunately, one of those elements of the “V” is dust in the house. Quite often, it’s a by-product of the attic and more often than not, deteriorating insulation. That’s right, you could be breathing in insulation while you’re in your home. At the least, it’s a bunch of junk. And junk you don’t want to be inhaling.

You’ll also hear how Brower handles its’ callers timing requests for service for revitalization or whatever the need is. You’ll be shocked at how they operate and it’s definitely not like your cable company!

Using financing programs to provide your energy efficiency has never been easier since there are now many programs that allow you to do what you need to do to reduce those outrageous energy bills. Hey, with Christmas less than three months away isn’t saving a few bucks a good thing? What if you knew exactly what your bills were going to be? Every month. Fixed. And eventually, you’ll have the financing paid off and very, very low utility bills. In today’s last segment, you’ll hear a great example of a case study that demonstrates exactly what the guys are talking about. If this doesn’t motivate you, nothing will. And to make it even easier, here’s who to call or email for more info.. Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

September 25, 2018: It may smell great... but it’s bad for you!

Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small, get after it quickly today with the significance of things that may smell good in the house but could be tragically dangerous to children or pets. Some of those cleaners in your kitchen cabinet under the sink, they’re toxic but smell really good. Maybe good enough to want to eat or drink if you’re a small child who doesn’t know better. But wait, there’s even more that they address and it impacts everyone in the home. Air fresheners. Those things you plug in or pop up or peel off to make the home smell fresh. You know what they’re talking about. They smell great! They’re also potentially toxic to breathe. They’re called Volatile Organic Compounds. VOC’s. What you’re buying is the actual “off gassing” of these VOC’s. Doesn’t sound too healthy does it? It’s not! Don’t overdo it. Let fresh air carry some of the smell in your home without all the artificial and unhealthy smell.

Phew, that’s just the opening. PG&E rebate programs are changing. What is it you need to do to make the most of it? Hint, reduce before you produce. It’s all there on the PG&E website or even the Brower Mechanical site. Watch the 9 steps to getting your house right for energy efficiency it’s easy to access and actually easy to do. Move forward one step at a time in a proper sequencing. Plan. Don’t reverse engineer your system. Do it right the first time. You save in so many ways.

You’ll love the caller on blown in insulation and the response to her concerns about the speed with which the action could be taken. Secondly, the significance of the process to be sure you can trust the representative visiting your home gets a full discussion. There’s a reason for Brower sending you a brief bio on who it is that will be coming to your home.

Finally, and so important is the discussion on time of use energy consumption so you know there’s a way you can save a fair amount of money if you play the game correctly. Summer cooling is one thing but wait until you hear the situation for winter heating. You’ll be very surprised. It’s a huge deal. For more info.. Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

September 17, 2018: Take a vacation...the value of revitalization!

OK, I teased you into listening. There’s no vacation. But there is a revitalization and that’s what you do for your HVAC system. Listen as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small explain the value of revitalization. When you revitalize, typically it’s heater in the winter and AC in the winter. Why not do both at the same time? One visit, one process, same price as the other guys but that’s for both heater and AC units! That buys you time to make a decision on energy upgrades or even solar. Knowing the best way to reduce your expense for energy, you could then do whatever it is you needed once you decided how to best tackle the issues. Nothing beats a plan when you’re considering options that include energy upgrades, solar potential or simply changing out the HVAC units.

You’ll hear about a case study that brought $400 utility bills down to $50 with smart use of the tools available to make things right. See why smaller solar is a better bet. You’ll even learn what the teeny/tiny solar club is all about and how people have solved their issues with less than 10 solar panels. And those rebates? No hassles when you know what you’re doing and Brower surely does! They’ll handle all the elements to make your end of the deal pain free. The paperwork, the headache of long waits, all the hassles are taken out of your end of the process.

And wait until you hear the call about a difficult HVAC process in a complex house and how the approach was dealt with. It took over a year for the caller to get his research done and had other services simply decline to help. Brower mechanical loves these challenges! Everybody benefits! Positive references, great reviews...that’s what separates companies from one another.

Be sure to get your plan set. Doing things in the correct order could save you a lot of money. If you do it incorrectly, without a plan, you may do things that cost you a lot of money. If you can hear the show, it’s likely you’re in the territory Brower will cover. They’ll help. For more information, call 916-624-0808 or on line at Don’t compromise on your comfort!

September 11, 2018: Renewable energy, Carbon free...what’s it mean to me?

Today's show opens with your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small sharing the reality of where California is going to be in the very near future and the impact/effect on you personally. What does Senate Bill 100 mean? Is it even a possibility? Can the entire state get to a carbon free footprint in less than 30 years? That means no more combustion engines. No more gas lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc etc... Hmmm. That means no more landscapers with the edgers screaming away at 7am either! From there you'll learn what a small weekly investment with Brower's programs could yield vs the other programs that are so prevalent right now coming to your home in the mail. Doesn't seem like there are only three companies that always seem to have last years models on clearance?

Hear about the challenges and opportunities a customer had with their home in Rocklin. It was a unique roofing issue that re quired a specific application. Solar wouldn't allow them to reach the objectives they had. After an energy audit, they were able to come to a conclusion that got them the result they were looking for... for less than the anticipated investment. There are many ways to lower your energy consumption that result in the requirement for less solar panels, saving $1000 per panel not used as the result and that turns into lower utility bills.

If you’re a whole house fan, fan, you’ll appreciate the discussion in today’s third segment. There are ways to take advantage of the opportunities with whole house fans that lower that utility bill in the most efficient way. Then there are mini-splits. How can they better serve what it is you’re trying to accomplish? Yes, they’re great for “spot” cooling or heating but may be able to do more than just a small room. It’s all in today’s program. And when it’s time to act (What are you waiting for anyway!) call Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

September 4, 2018: Do you know the signs of Solar Buyers Remorse?

Oh boy. Yes, it’s true you could be unhappy with your solar purchase once you make additional energy upgrades in the future. How much could that have cost you? Listen up as your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get into the common mistakes people make when going solar. It all starts with the utility company and their process for pricing your energy. Did you know there are “tiers” for consumption? Yes, they may bring you to tears but in a nutshell, the more you use the more you pay in PG&E territory. Up to double the starting cost!!! For SMUD it’s a little better but still priced according to time of use. Naturally, when you want it the most, it’s most expensive. Don’t buy solar until you’ve checked out the process on your utility’s web page. Then get the 9 steps to reducing your energy consumption before producing energy through solar. They’re available on the website below. You may find solar isn’t the option that’s best for you. Simple math is one solar panel per every 150SF of home. If that’s not the case for you, then get a plan together. Do a clipboard audit. Or even a full energy audit before you spend the dollars to minimize those crazy utility bills. Getting a healthier, more comfortable and more affordable home to operated is really quite simple Call Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

August 31, 2018: Cooler Temps mean Cooler Utility bills, if...

Well, your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small chill out a bit as they enjoy the cooler temps. That also leads to a lively discussion on how you can benefit in more ways than just using the AC a little less. Now really is a great time to get both the heater and the AC unit revitalized while there’s a bit of a cooling down. Then it’s only one trip, one visit to be there for and you’re set for the next heat wave and the coming cooler seasons. 

Doing it all right is the equivalent, as Bill puts it, of driving a gas guzzling vehicle to LA or a gas sipping vehicle. Which do you think is going to cost you less? And costing you less, of course, is what the show is all about. Hear the example of a home in Sacramento that went from estimates of 30+ solar panels while the home was an energy guzzler to how only 16 panels were needed once it became an energy sipper! Now that’s a huge swing. You’ll also hear about AC unit relocation opportunities and how your “anyway” money might be better spent on a longer-term investment. If you’re going to spend it on a utility bill, might it be better spent as an investment in solar or home energy upgrades? You’re going spend it anyway, right? Find out how far your “anyway” money can get you today and learn the most efficient way to save money on your energy expense. Call Brower Mechanical today. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

August 19, 2018: Does your home sip or guzzle juice?

Oh boy. Today’s show gets a little forward thinking by identifying ways that energy companies can monitor your activity for the benefit of your wallet. Information is power and in this case that power is literal! It’s your power bill, your energy bill. Knowing how you’re using energy gives you the information you need to save money. And that’s what the utility companies are hoping to accomplish with 3rd party monitoring. They’ll even pay YOU to participate! The end result is you save money and in learning how to do so, you even get paid. That’s a great deal. Good for all.

Knowing the relationship to solar panels and the size of your home, you can really save money on solar and invest it in other options to help you save both money and have a more comfortable living environment. “Just right” solar is the way to go once you’ve gone through the reduce before you produce process.

It’s one thing to save a bunch of dough but what if you also got rebates as a result? How do you know what you’re entitled to? You’ll hear the answers in today’s show.

Thermostats can range from complex to the most basic and simple. Guess what? When your house is sealed tight and operating right, do you really need all the gizmos? Is there a simpler way? Of course there is. You don’t have to have the latest greatest operating systems if your home is truly efficient. A simple on off temperature thermostat could suffice and still keep your home running right. If all you’re doing is setting and forgetting, that’s perfectly fine.

Did you know you can actually get a guarantee for your homes’ energy consumption and outcome on a monthly basis? New or existing homes, older homes, can be brought up to the most efficient levels and can rival new construction. You can be as comfortable in your existing home as the newest homes being built today. There is a way and it starts by making a call....
Reach out to Brower Mechanical. 916-624-0808. On-Line at You’ll be glad you did.

August 14, 2018: Is electricity from solar any different than from your utility company?

OK, first things first. The Brower Home Power Hour is now into the fourth year of broadcasting and is the longest currently running home energy show on the station. That’s very exciting. The reason a show would last that long is because it works for the listeners in providing them with quality content. Today’s show is no different. Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small get right into it to share ways to get your home into a more efficient operating system.

The first example of a real home situation demonstrates how “solar only” solutions tend to be an overload of panels and waste of money invested. Learn how getting the house “right” first, can reduce the investment in solar panels. Typical process is one panel per 100SF of home. When the home is energy efficient, that matrix changes to one panel per 181sf! You can choose to spend the extra dollars on black panels on your roof or you can take those savings and have them applied to a more comfortable living environment, less panels on the roof and all the benefits of a more efficient home. It’s your choice.

Thermostat, Freon, what’s the issue? Oh, so many more things can impact your systems’ operation. Hear from a frustrated homeowner looking for relief and the next necessary steps when Duane explains what’s happening with challenged A/C systems.

When is one type of electricity different than the other? In other words, does SMUD deliver better electricity than PG&E? NO! The only difference in the product is the pricing. Ironically, the more you buy, the more you pay. There is no discount for volume, for example with PG&E electricity. But the more you use, the higher your cost per kilowatt. If that isn’t a good enough reason to get the house more energy efficient then I have no idea what would constitute making a change.

If you’re looking for a most efficient way to save money on your energy expense, call Brower Mechanical today. Now is the time to begin saving on utility bills. 916-624-0808. On-Line at

August 5, 2018: 40 and 3. What’s the significance? You’ll appreciate the answer.

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small celebrate a couple of milestones with today’s show. First, the Brower Home Power Hour celebrates 3 years running on KFBK and is now the longest running home energy show on the station. There’s a reason the show has continued to serve the community for this long and part of it is that Brower is also turning 40! 40 years of taking care of your in-home comfort, convenience and health. There’s so much in the show that you’ll learn on any given week and todays’ show does not disappoint.

Are you one of the people who has a marathon AC unit? One that runs and runs and runs as if it’s doing 100 miler? It doesn’t have to. Many times, it’s not the units’ fault that it’s running so much. It’s your house that’s leaking and allowing heat in and cool air out. Yes, that’s a problem. Fix it and save big money. How? Well that’s where you need to listen up. All of your questions are likely going to be answered by listening to the show.

You’re also going to hear a remarkable call in todays’ show that is quite incredible. This is a testament to what you can expect when you deal with Brower. And to help close the show, you can expect a solution by “The Home Energy Pro” as he does a little comfort counseling on how to make it work, short of a divorce! Getting the house right is always going to be a lot cheaper. Heck, save a marriage, cool your home with this simple solution. 

If you’re too hot, your bills are too expensive and your AC is running too long to get the house comfortable, give Brower Mechanical a call. Now is the time. 916-624-0808. On-Line at You’ll be glad you did.

July 29, 2018: Why is flexing your home’s energy not like flexing a muscle?

What’s all this consternation about your energy/utility company calling for voluntary or even mandatory flex alerts? What the heck is a flex alert anyway? It’s surely not pumping your home up for a bodybuilding contest! Find out more when your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss ways to be able to better support your utility’s concerns and help you lower those utility bills when the high heat hits.

Knocking down your utility bills requires looking at the true cost of the project. Consider the rebates, consider the general expense and then be sure to deduct the savings so you can evaluate the true cost of the project. In every case, your net cost out of pocket should go down and if it isn’t, you may want to reconsider your plan. Evaluating the true cost is so much better a way to go then simply throwing solar on the roof. The options are changing so much faster than ever before that you need a professional to help you make the assessment to your best advantage.

So, you’re committed to the changes, to lower utility bills and a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable living environment. But does it help the value of your home now that you’ve made these investments? Absolutely! And now there’s even a mechanism for the appraisal of your home to include the value of your investment. This is really important. Now your energy efficient home is going to have a greater value than your neighbor down the street without energy upgrades. It’s all in today’s show for your benefit.

For details on your “TrueCost”, call Brower Mechanical today. Now is the time to begin saving on utility bills. 916-624-0808. On-Line at