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UV Light Air Purifiers - HVAC

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Homeowners throughout the Sacramento area are concerned now more than ever about the health risks that may be lurking inside their homes. Poor indoor air quality in a house can result in a number of health issues, including respiratory difficulties, allergy-like symptoms, sneezing and coughing, and more.

Regular air filters and purifiers are good ways to start, but while these filters are good at trapping dust, pet dander, and other larger volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they don’t do much against germs like the common cold and viruses like the flu.

UV lighting as part of an HVAC system is one part of the solution. Adding a UV light purifier inside your central air system could kill up to 99%* of most germs and viruses circulating in your air, leading to cleaner air and better health for the people living in your home.

How Does UV Light Kill Germs?

UV light offers ultraviolet radiation that has the capability to scramble or damage the DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses, essentially preventing them from reproducing. This is why many hospitals use powerful UV lights to scrub rooms of pathogens.  There are residential options available that are safe to use in your home in conjunction with your HVAC system and ductwork. 

How UV Light Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

One way to reduce the likelihood that germs, bacteria, and viruses are circulating in your breathing air is by installing a UV light air purifier in your HVAC system. The UV germicidal lamp is hidden away out of sight but is constantly zapping the air moving through your system. *Independent studies have shown that over time, RGF air purification systems can lead up to a 99% reduction in a number of viruses, bacteria, and VOCs in your air.

Will a UV Light Air Purification System Eliminate All Viruses and Bacteria From My Home?

This is where it’s important that homeowners stay educated. UV light purification systems are effective ways to fight against germs floating in your breathing air and circulating through your central ductwork system, but they don’t help address the bacteria and viruses living on hard surfaces in your home. You still need to take all necessary precautions against the many different ways to transmit bacteria or viruses, including sneezing, coughing, and physical contact, like washing your hands, cleaning hard surfaces, practicing social distancing, and following guidance provided by your local health organizations. 

Make Your Home Healthier with Brower Mechanical

UV light air purifiers are just one of Brower’s indoor air quality and home performance services. We understand that homeowners in Sacramento, Rocklin, and Auburn are looking to rest easy knowing that the air in their home is clean and healthy for themselves and their families. 

Fight back against bacteria, viruses, and germs circulating in your indoor air. Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us to learn more about UV light air purification systems and schedule installation today.

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