Energy Monitoring

energy monitoring

For many of our clients, home energy use is a big mystery. We can set up a home energy monitoring system that provides convenient, real-time data on your household energy consumption.

The benefits of home energy monitoring include:

  • Insight into home electricity consumption
  • Encourages energy conservation and lower electricity bills
  • Provides personalized, easy to read information from smart meters
  • Shows information on your computer, phone, or dashboard

In the past, Northern California electric customers merely received a monthly bill and had very little data on their energy usage. Energy monitoring systems dramatically change this, providing a vital information about real-time home electricity usage.

Valuable Energy Usage Data at Your Fingertips

Understanding your power usage is crucial for cutting your electricity bills and consumption. We can install an energy monitoring service that communicates with your smart meter, clearly displaying your actual usage data.

Do you ever wonder how much your air conditioner or heating system are impacting your energy usage? Does home lighting rack up your electric bills? You can turn off these loads and visually see the impact on your energy monitoring system.

The monitoring system also determines how much you are paying for electricity. Because our electricity rates in California are difficult to calculate, this feature adds great insight into energy expenditures for your Sacramento-area home.

Easy to Use and Access

Energy monitoring is essential to a connected home. The system communicates with your smart meter to gather information, displaying usage data on your computer, phone, or a dashboard. This allows you to access this information remotely, so you know your energy usage from anywhere. Even on vacation, you can know how much electricity your home is using.

Energy Insights Encourage Cost Savings

Greater understanding of power usage helps empower smart energy use and lower energy bills, creating a win-win situation for the environment and ratepayers. Your Brower Mechanical team may also be able to make recommendations to cut power use, as your mechanical systems can account for the majority of your total power use.

With over 40 years of experience in the Sacramento area, Brower Mechanical technicians are skilled in cutting your energy bills, boosting comfort and protecting the environment. We always treat our clients as we would want to be treated and provide exceptional customer service.

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Vital energy data, instantly accessible.

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