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house with solar panels on front roof

Qualify for a tax credit of up to 26% of your solar installation costs when you upgrade your home to solar panels with Brower! For Sacramento... Read more

solar battery storage mounted on wall

Learn more about the pros and cons of solar batteries and backup whole home generators for your California home. Avoid future power outages... Read more

woman relaxing comfortably at home, clean healthy home

Fight back against unhealthy air in your home with indoor air quality solutions from Brower Mechanical. Learn more about how you can improve the... Read more

older couple planning bills over morning coffee at home

Fight back against the high energy costs of spending so much time in your home this summer. Brower Mechanical takes you through 7 ways to save... Read more

natural gas burner on stove up close

Will your town or city be the next to ban natural gas heating? Brower Mechanical explains the recent "electrify my home" movement and how you can... Read more

pug dog lying in a hot house with the fan on

Identify the source of your home cooling issues with home performance services from Brower Mechanical. A hot house can be the result of poor... Read more

brower crew van

Apply for a job at Brower Mechanical today! Learn more about the benefits of working for the leading HVAC, insulation, and solar contractor in the... Read more

house in california with solar

Upgrade to a solar-plus-battery system in your California home and protect yourself against planned utility power shutoffs during wildfire season... Read more

model house with lightbulb, home power concept

Make sure your home is ready for planned Public Safety Power Shutoffs from your utility company in 2020 with backup power installation from Brower... Read more

tech servicing a water heater

Learn the signs that the water heater in your home needs to be replaced. Brower Mechanical breaks down how homeowners can benefit right away when... Read more


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