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washing hands in hot water

In today's quest for energy efficiency and sustainable living, ... Read more

window ac unit vs heat pump mini split

Looking for a cooling system replacement this spring? Find out whether a heat pump or air conditioner is best for your Sacramento area home. Get... Read more

Technician performing maintenance on outdoor air compressor unit

Learn about the many benefits of heating & cooling maintenance and enroll in a service agreement with the expert team at Brower Mechanical... Read more

man spraying down outdoor ac air compressor unit

Find out how to get your air conditioner or heat pump ready for warmer weather with these tips from the HVAC experts at Brower. Schedule annual... Read more

close up of calculator app on smartphone and 1040 tax form

Learn how you can save on home improvements for your Sacramento area home with heat pump tax credits, insulation tax credits, and more. Get... Read more

couple looking a rebates on their computer

2024 is a great year to make energy efficient upgrades to your home in Sacramento, Placer County, or a surrounding area! There are numerous... Read more

Preview graphic of an energy efficient house

When it comes to the home, there are two things every homeowner wants: low energy bills and high indoor comfort - especially... Read more

women wrapped up with a blanket and hat on the phone talking about heating issue

Are you having problems with your heating system? Maybe your energy bills have significantly gone up or you’re noticing that your home just... Read more

hot water coming from shower

Having reliable hot water is essential to home comfort. With the advanced technology behind heat pump ... Read more


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