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couple looking a rebates on their computer

2024 is a great year to make energy efficient upgrades to your home in Sacramento, Placer County, or a surrounding area! There are numerous... Read more

Preview graphic of an energy efficient house

When it comes to the home, there are two things every homeowner wants: low energy bills and high indoor comfort - especially... Read more

women wrapped up with a blanket and hat on the phone talking about heating issue

Are you having problems with your heating system? Maybe your energy bills have significantly gone up or you’re noticing that your home just... Read more

women on a couch turning on her heat pump to regulate the temperature of her home

Heat pumps are an energy efficient way to both heat and cool your home. In Lincoln, Rocklin, and the Greater Sacramento area, heat pumps are an... Read more

hot water coming from shower

Having reliable hot water is essential to home comfort. With the advanced technology behind heat pump ... Read more

hot water in sink

Many homeowners know about heat pumps because of their superior energy efficiency and ability to heat and cool your home—but heat pumps can... Read more

cushions and a knitted plaid on the cold windowsill

It is officially Fall here in the Sacramento area, and soon will be the days of cooler temperatures and scenic landscapes. In addition to... Read more

living room of house with a whole house fan system

California is known for its sunny summers and mild winters, and while many homes throughout Sacramento are equipped with air conditioners, they... Read more

modern outdoor module of heat pump heating surrounded by roses

Many Californians looking to step away from fossil fuels and electrify their homes have been turning to heat pumps for heating and cooling. As one... Read more


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