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worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit and giving an ok symbol with his hand

This week's Power Hour tackles why efficiency is all about electricity, the difference between revitalizing vs tuning up your HVAC and what sets... Read more

football fans celebrating

How do you navigate the new restrictions on additional solar panels? What's that "hold" button on your thermostat for? And which is really less... Read more

couple paying utility bill

How has the home energy and solar industries changed in the past few years? How do you make your last utility payment? And how can the Brower... Read more

A pen pointing to a energy rating chart

In this week's Power Hour, we discuss preparing for the next power shutoff with portable generators, why Brower should be your first call, and how... Read more

A hand drawing "energy efficient" and a house on a chalk board

Brower Mechanical is celebrating 40 years of business! In this week's Power Hour, we discuss everything you need to know about zero energy homes.... Read more

two toy houses next to blocks reading "2020"

The new year means new resolutions for your home. Start the year off right with a clipboard audit for your home and get all the information you... Read more

Preview graphic of an energy efficient house

When it comes to the home, there are two things every homeowner wants: low energy bills and high indoor comfort. Many homeowners... Read more

mans hands adjusting thermostat for a heating system

Sick of shelling out the dough for heater repair every winter? Schedule HVAC or furnace maintenance before problems arise and benefit throughout... Read more

woman wrapped in a blanket, next to a radiator, looking cold

Learn why the cost of natural gas is rising while the actual cost of gas is down. Find out how energy upgrades can help your house sell. And learn... Read more

clipboard audit being done by technician in home

Upgrade your home's energy efficiency with a free clipboard energy audit from Brower Mechanical. Energy audits are the best first step homeowners... Read more


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