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house in california with solar

Upgrade to a solar-plus-battery system in your California home and protect yourself against planned utility power shutoffs during wildfire season... Read more

model house with lightbulb, home power concept

Make sure your home is ready for planned Public Safety Power Shutoffs from your utility company in 2020 with backup power installation from Brower... Read more

tech servicing a water heater

Learn the signs that the water heater in your home needs to be replaced. Brower Mechanical breaks down how homeowners can benefit right away when... Read more

savings stacking up coins next to model house

Learn more about the many different rebates, financing options, and incentives available to Northern California homeowners who need HVAC or home... Read more

healthy and safe family indoors with baby

Brower Mechanical continues to provide essential home services for homeowners in Elk Grove, Rocklin, and throughout the... Read more

home model with lightbulb

Looking for some good news? Electrification of your home is becoming easier and cheaper. Energy assessments can help guide your home upgrades in... Read more

man inside home inspecting a vent

With most people staying home, it becomes even more important to breathe healthy air inside the home. Tune in this week to learn more about what... Read more

sparking electricity from a lightbulb

From incentives to leave gas behind, to opportunities for home backup power, your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss the future of... Read more

sick home concept

Tune in to this special edition with Dr. Tom Hopkins about how to stay safe in your home amidst the coronavirus concerns.

small child dressed as a doctor with stethoscope

Learn about how to maximize your home's efficiency when tuning in to this week's Power Hour. Along with advice from our guest Dr. Tom Hopkins, you... Read more


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