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Air condition in the Sacramento area presents a unique energy challenge. During heat waves, your air conditioning system works extremely hard to keep your home cool. During the hot summer months, typically the biggest segment of your energy expenses are dedicated to cooling your home. As air conditioning systems age, they become less efficient at cooling your living space. If your existing system wasn’t properly sized, this issue becomes worse over time. Proper sizing of your air conditioning system is essential.

Most people think “bigger is better,” but this approach results in larger energy bills, without providing greater comfort. As cooling experts, we size cooling systems by calculating the cooling load of your home or business. We also take into account our Northern California climate and your personal preferences, resulting in a cooling system that meets your comfort needs and makes good use of energy, while requiring fewer repairs and maintenance.

Properly sized systems will:

  • Consume less energy
  • Protect indoor air quality
  • Boost comfort
  • Eliminate temperature imbalances

Why Ductwork Is So Important

Although it works as the backbone of your cooling system, the importance of ductwork is often underappreciated. Ductwork leakage is one of the biggest energy wasters. With an improperly duct system, your home will not be as comfortable or energy efficient as it could be.

Ductwork problems, such as air leaks, improper sizing or obstructions can cause uneven temperatures, high energy bills and issues with indoor air quality. Ductwork must be well-sealed, insulated and sized to ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems are working as efficiently as possible.

Four Decades of Ductwork Experience

Most homes have leaky ductwork and insufficient air flow which can result in an uncomfortable living environment—regardless of the thermostat setting. Your home comfort and energy advisor may recommend sealing your home’s ducts to optimize air flow. We may also insulate ductwork in attics and crawlspaces to provide maximum comfort.

Our skilled technicians understand the importance of ductwork function for home energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality and they understand how to size a system for optimum comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

With over four decades of experience, we have designed and installed HVAC systems and ductwork across the Sacramento area. As a company known for customer service and outstanding value, we have helped make thousands of homes and businesses more comfortable and energy efficient.

Want to save money on your cooling costs? Contact Brower Mechanical today or call (916) 624-0808 to lower your energy bills and boost comfort in your Sacramento-area home with quality duct and equipment sizing.

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Bob K., Elk Grove, CA

Recently, Brower did an energy audit of my home and upgraded it for insulation and ductwork. We've seen a substantial energy savings. I would hire them at any time and highly recommend them.

Bob K.
Elk Grove, CA

Single-family residence transformed to home performance gem.