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EV Charger Installation

electric vehicle charging in home garage

Owning an electric vehicle helps you avoid rising gas prices, is better for the environment, and you can use your home’s solar panels to power your EV for free! But to maximize the benefits of your electric vehicle, you’ll want to have an EV charging station at your home that charges your vehicle quickly. Brower Mechanical offers at-home EV charging installation for any electric vehicle maker, including:

  • Tesla

  • BMW

  • Ford

  • Chevrolet

  • Nissan

  • Mercedes

  • Toyota

  • Volkswagen

  • And many more!

Reach out to Brower today for help taking your solar-powered home to the next level with dedicated EV charging services, electrical panel upgrades, solar panel installation, and more.

Why Do I Need an EV Charger?

Any electric vehicle can be charged by plugging it into a regular wall outlet, but it will charge very slowly, and many EV owners want the convenience of being able to rely on a faster charge.

Installing a 240 volt EV charger can help you charge your vehicle 2-5x as fast, giving you the juice you need to hit the road on your schedule! Brower will handle all of the necessary permits, wiring, and installation, making the upgrade for your Sacramento-area home a breeze.

How Can I Maximize Electric Vehicle Charging at Home?

Owning an electric vehicle and a dedicated EV charger brings plenty of benefits on its own—but Brower can help you add on with the following home upgrades:

Solar panels

Some homeowners ask us, “Do I need solar panels for an electric car?” The answer is no, but you’ll get more out of your electric vehicle if you have them. Solar panels charge your EV using free, clean renewable energy. Imagine filling up your tank and driving off without having to pay a penny!

Solar battery system

Solar batteries allow you to store excess solar energy and use it at times when your panels aren’t producing power. Odds are, you’ll most likely be charging your EV at night, but without solar battery installation, you’ll have to rely on grid power.

Electrical panel upgrades

Installing a 240V EV charger may require more power than your home’s current electrical panel can handle. But there’s good news: Upgrading your electrical panel can open the door to more home electrification upgrades, including heat pump installation, heat pump water heaters, induction stovetops, solar panels, and more.

Talk to Brower Mechanical for All Your EV Solar Needs

When you need help upgrading your house, there’s only one whole home contractor you can count on! For more than 40 years, Brower Mechanical has been helping homeowners in Sacramento, Rocklin, Roseville, and beyond make their homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and affordable to heat and cool. With our home electrification services, connecting your electric vehicle to your house and powering it with completely free solar energy is easy!

Brower Mechanical can help you find the right EV charger for your California home. Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us today for a free quote.

Charge your electric vehicle fast… for free!

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