Water Heaters

Typically located out of sight, water heaters tend to go largely unnoticed until there is a problem. Once there is an issue, however, we have a newfound appreciation for the comfort they provide. The Brower Mechanical team is highly knowledgeable about water heater installation and repair, and we understand how important water heaters are for home comfort.

The benefits of a new water heater include:

  • Energy savings with a more efficient model

  • Reliable hot water heating in your home

  • Selecting a model that meets your needs

Our team can customize a water heating solution that meets your needs and also reduces energy use. To save money on your utility bills, we will ensure that your system is properly sized and insulated.

In some cases, a new water heater can qualify for incentives—allowing you to save money beyond the reduction of your utility bills. The experts at Brower are experienced in dealing with rebate and incentive programs and can guide you through the process.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

Given their popularity, there is a good chance you already know about the impressive efficiency of heat pumps for heating and cooling your home. What you may not know is that the same efficient process a heat pump uses can also be used to heat the water you use throughout your home. Heat pump water heaters are well suited for California’s climate and can be two to three times more efficient than other types of water heaters. Plus, heat pump water heaters may qualify for rebates from your electricity supplier (more on these rebates below).

Tankless or On-Demand Water Heater Installation

As the name implies, tankless/on-demand water heaters don’t have a tank to store pre-heated water. Instead, they heat water as needed. This type of instant water heater reduces heat loss from storing hot water in a tank, saving you energy as well as money. Tankless water heaters vary in capacity, and can supply water to either a single plumbing fixture or an entire home. An additional perk: tankless hot water heaters free up space in your home!

Storage Tank Water Heater Installation

This is the most common type of home water heater in the Sacramento region and consists of an insulated tank that stores heated water until it is needed. The size and recovery rate of storage tank water heaters varies by the capacity of the storage tank and the rate at which the water can be heated. Tank water heaters are typically a good fit for families that use hot water at 2 or more points in the home simultaneously.

Hybrid Hot Water Heater Installation

Working like a heat pump water heater, hybrid water heaters pull heat from the surrounding air to heat water in an enclosed tank. Then, during periods of high demand, hybrid water heaters switch to using an electric element instead of the heat pump to heat the water, thus operating as a hybrid. These systems can lower water heating bills while also providing excellent comfort.

California Energy Rebates for Water Heaters

Depending on your location and your utility company, you may qualify for rebates that can greatly reduce the cost of upgrading your water heater. Check for the corresponding California energy rebate in 2022 from your electric utility below:

SMUD: Rebates up to $3,000 for heat pump water heaters. 

Golden State Rebates: Rebates of up to $500/unit for heat pump water heaters that are replacing electric water heaters only.

Gas to Electric Water Heater Conversions

If you are in the process of electrifying your home by installing all electric appliances, Brower can help. We’ll not only work with you to choose the right electric water heater (whether it is a standard electric resistance water heater or a heat pump water heater), we’ll also cap or remove the previously run gas line. Electrification rids your home of the potential carbon monoxide exposure that comes with using combustion appliances, consolidates your energy supply, reduces your carbon footprint, and can even make your home safer!

Why Brower Mechanical? 

With more options than ever, we are happy to educate our clients on the types of water heaters available so they can make an informed decision. With 40 years of industry experience, Brower Mechanical has earned a reputation for excellent customer service throughout the Sacramento region. We are experts in cutting your energy bills, enhancing home comfort, and protecting the environment.

Brower Mechanical serves Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Rocklin, Auburn, Davis, Yuba City, Lincoln, and Granite Bay with a full range of heating services.

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Just a quick note to say thanks for using such professional and honest people to build your company. Your salesman Mark Ross came to my home and didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. The install crew Randy and Clay were able to find a way to make the oversize coil fit into my tight closet space so I could achieve a high-efficiency system. They took care of my home as if it was their own.

Ron C.
Sacramento, CA