Is your home letting energy slip through the cracks? Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the best ways to save energy and increase your comfort.

The benefits of effective insulation include:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Healthier indoor environment
  • Increased comfort
  • More eco-friendly
  • Reduces noise

When insulation fails, it can cause issues throughout your home. Common signs include high energy bills, large indoor temperature fluctuations, uneven temperatures throughout your home, drafts, animal infestations, and wet insulation.

We can help you determine if your insulation needs to be replaced and the most crucial places to target. In some cases, incentives can save you money on this home performance upgrade.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation forms a monolithic blanket of protection. It blocks out air infiltration and convection currents, which are the primary causes of energy loss in your Sacramento-area home.

Effective attic insulation can have a huge impact on home performance and energy efficiency, keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer. In addition, attic insulation can increase a wall’s fire resistance by 22 to 57%. If you want to air seal your attic as well, we can do both at the same time.


This insulation is commonly utilized in existing homes, and is good at fitting around existing elements such as pipes and wiring. This non-toxic insulation helps dampen noise betweens walls and floors in Sacramento-area homes, for a quieter indoor environment. We typically use cellulose products that largely consist of recycled paper, making this a green product.

Cellulose insulation in Sacramento is durable and resistant to mold growth, for a healthier home. It allows your heating and cooling system to work less by keeping conditioned air inside your home.

Spray Foam

Highly effective in sealing cracks and insulating around irregularly shaped building elements, spray foam goes where other insulation can’t to keep your energy bills down. When there are voids in insulation, we use spray foam to ensure continuous insulation for even home temperatures.

Even small gaps in insulation can have a big impact on your home’s envelope. At Brower Mechanical, we are very thorough in everything we do, especially when it impacts your energy bills or comfort.

Brower Mechanical technicians are highly trained in home insulation, saving you money for years to come. All the insulation products we install are highly durable, safe, and cost effective home upgrades, and some contain post-consumer recycled materials. With 35 years of experience making Sacramento-area homes more comfortable and energy efficient – we are a trusted name in Northern California.

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Bob K., Elk Grove, CA

Recently, Brower did an energy audit of my home and upgraded it for insulation and ductwork. We've seen a substantial energy savings. I would hire them at any time and highly recommend them.

Bob K.
Elk Grove, CA

Large single-family home gains massive efficiency.