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The Sacramento area can be extremely hot from April to October. From Elk Grove to Granite Bay and beyond, the cooling experts at Brower Mechanical, a heating and air company, are skilled in providing summer comfort solutions for a reasonable price. 

Best of all, you'll be saving money every month on your utility bill. With rates constantly pressuring homeowners in our area, it's a great idea to look at efficiency and find ways to improve your home's energy use.

The Brower team focuses on solutions for you in both of the areas that matter: comfort and savings. Your home should be cool in the summer, and it should be cost-effective.

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At Brower Mechanical, we understand that proper sizing and installing an air conditioning unit are essential for energy efficiency, comfort and equipment longevity. A unit that is too large will not adequately remove humidity from the air. A unit that is too small will not be able to reach a comfortable temperature on the hot Sacramento days. In addition, improper unit location, lack of adequate insulation, and malfunctioning ductwork can greatly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner.

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Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential for optimum comfort and energy efficiency in the Sacramento metropolitan area. In fact, it can also protect your cooling equipment, ensuring longevity and reliability and saving money over time.

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If you’re like many of our customers, you want greater comfort without cumbersome ductwork and mechanical equipment inside the home. Mini splits are a great option. One system can meet all your cooling needs, with the ability to switch to winter heat from the same unit. We install state-of-the-art systems for single-room, multi-room and whole-house applications.

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With low summer humidity levels, evaporation coolers or swamp coolers provide an energy efficient cooling solution for the Sacramento region. Outside air is cooled over water-saturated pads, causing water to evaporate into it. This cool air is then directed into your home, pushing warmer air out through windows. Swamp coolers provide a constant stream of fresh air, instead of recirculating existing air.

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Some urgent cooling system repairs don’t follow a 9 to 5 schedule. Call on Brower Mechanical 24-hours a day to resolve your issue.

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Benjamin Y.

Thank you for helping us to install a new Trane air and heating system. Your professionalism and knowledge guided us through the whole process. We are very happy with the top-quality unit. Your technicians are also very professional and thorough with their work. They cleaned up the area satisfactorily after they completed the job. We were especially impressed with your company's policy that a technician came after the installation to follow up and check up to ensure the unit is running properly and efficiently.

Benjamin Y.