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Energy Efficiency & Solar Incentives for Northern California

With the wide range of rebates, tax credits, and incentives available for solar panel installation and energy efficiency home improvements, it pays to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency in Northern California! We are lucky to be in an area with so many opportunities to save on clean energy upgrades, from federal tax credits to local utility rebates.

Brower Mechanical helps guide clients and customers through the diverse range of rebates and incentives available in our Sacramento region every day. Call us today to talk to an expert about your options and find out how much you could save on home upgrades like solar panel installation, heat pumps, and more.

Federal Solar & Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) created & expanded tax credits for clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades, like:

Solar Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 

California’s major utility companies offer an incentive called Net Energy Metering to solar customers. Net metering allows you to export your excess solar electricity to your utility in exchange for a credit to your account. Your credits can be used to offset the cost of electricity you buy from the grid when your panels are not producing energy. 

Net metering has been in place for decades in California, but was recently updated and is now in its third iteration, NEM 3.0. Under NEM 3.0, you will receive an export rate based on the time of day, week, and year you send power to the grid instead of a one-for-one credit.  

Utility Rebates for Solar & Energy Efficiency Upgrades 

Many utilities offer their own California rebate programs for energy-saving and clean energy upgrades. 

If you’re a SMUD customer, you can receive special rebates and financing when you improve your home’s energy efficiency with Brower Mechanical. Learn more about these valuable incentives for... Read more

PG&E's Residential Rebates offer product rebates for utility customers when you make energy-saving home improvements.

Roseville Electric has an impressive list of rebates for home performance improvements. Talk with Brower Mechanical about the options.

Inflation Reduction Act Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs 

The Inflation Reduction Act created two new rebate programs for home performance improvements. The HOMES (Home Owner Managing Energy Savings) rebate program and HEEHRP (High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program), which will provide thousands of dollars in rebates for a variety of energy-saving home upgrades. 

These IRA rebate programs are not available yet. Funding has been allocated to each state, and California is in the process of determining when and how it will deliver rebates. We are staying up-to-date on these rebate programs and will provide an update as soon as more information is available. 

Save More with Brower Mechanical 

Brower Mechanical is the go-to contractor in the Sacramento area for energy efficiency and clean energy upgrades. As a local contractor, we know what it takes to qualify for California rebate programs and can help you take advantage of maximum savings. We are an approved contractor with local utility companies, including SMUD and PG&E. Plus, we offer financing for energy efficiency upgrades and solar panel installation to help you make the energy and money-saving improvements your home needs as quickly as possible.

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