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The Sacramento area can be extremely hot from April to October, with temperatures regularly reaching the high 80s and low 90s. This means that having a reliable and efficient cooling system is essential to your home comfort during the summer months. Luckily, the HVAC experts at Brower Mechanical can help with all of your air conditioner or heat pump maintenance and repair needs.  

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve been helping homeowners and businesses, from Galt to Roseville and beyond, with their HVAC and home performance needs. Not only is our team skilled and experienced in providing summer comfort solutions, but we’ll do it for a reasonable price, too. 

Why Preventative AC Maintenance Matters

Regular AC maintenance helps protect your cooling equipment from costly repairs and breakdowns, ensuring longevity and energy savings. Without preventative maintenance, your system will use more energy than it needs to and struggle to keep up with the needs of your home. We recommend getting your air conditioner serviced once a year in the spring. If you have a heat pump, we recommend two tune-ups per year, one for cooling and one for heating.  

During a tune-up with the Brower team, we’ll inspect every component of your cooling system to ensure everything is working exactly as it should be. Here are just a few of the many benefits AC maintenance can provide:

  • Extended equipment lifespan

  • High-efficiency operation

  • Fewer repairs & breakdowns

  • Healthier indoor air quality

  • Optimal home comfort

Get Peace of Mind with a Brower Maintenance Agreement

Brower Mechanical offers the ultimate protection for your cooling system with our maintenance agreement program. For an affordable fee, we'll automatically schedule and perform your AC cleaning and tune-up before peak season to make sure it’s ready for the summer heat. 

Not only will a Brower Maintenance Agreement help you save money on your energy bills throughout the year, but it will also help your air conditioner last longer so it can keep your home cool and comfortable for years to come. Our service agreement plans include:

  • Annual tune-ups

  • Priority scheduling

  • And more 

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair

Even a well-maintained cooling system may eventually need repairs, but the Brower Mechanical team will make the process as quick and easy as possible. We service all types of air conditioners and heat pumps, and our technicians have earned a reputation for being courteous, skilled, and very honest. 

We’ve been in business since 1979 and have seen just about every AC problem out there, including:

  • AC not blowing cool air

  • Unexplained leaks 

  • AC motor issues

  • Musty smells

  • AC not turning on 

  • And more!

Ensure that your air conditioner is running well during the next heatwave. Contact the experts at Brower Mechanical to schedule AC repair or AC maintenance in your Sacramento area home or business today.

Schedule AC repair or maintenance. Call 916-624-0808 or contact us to get started. 

Need reliable AC services in Sacramento County?

Call the HVAC experts at Brower for repair & maintenance!


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