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The Top 5 AC Repairs for an AC on the Fritz

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June 29, 2022

Is the lack of cold air coming from your AC vents starting to make you sweat, in more ways than one? The thought of a broken air conditioner can send any homeowner into a stressful tailspin, disrupting already-busy schedules and financial plans. Brower Mechanical has repaired, maintained, and replaced all kinds of cooling systems throughout the greater Sacramento and Rocklin areas over the last 40 plus years; here are five of the most common AC repairs for an AC that is not blowing cold air but is running.

1.  AC Condenser Fan Motor Needs Replacing

The condenser fan keeps your AC unit from overheating. If your AC condenser fan motor is not working but the unit continues to run, the overheating can cause further (and more expensive) damage to your cooling system. Catching the problem ahead of time will keep repair costs down. 

Cost range: $100-$700 (depending on make, model, and warranty). 

2. Bad or Failing AC Blower Motor

Your unit’s blower motor provides the force needed to push cool conditioned air out through your ductwork and into the rooms in your home. A bad or failing blower motor will reduce the amount of air you feel coming out of your vents, and eventually will stop blowing air at all. You may also notice strange sounds, or significantly higher energy bills. 

Cost range: $400-$1600 (The size of your air conditioner will be the main cost-determining factor)

3. Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant runs through your air conditioner in a closed loop of airtight pipes, and is how heat is removed from the air in your home to keep you cool during the summer. This liquid can be toxic, so if your refrigerant has leaked it can be dangerous — on top of the fact that it will reduce the cooling power of your AC. While recharging your refrigerant is a relatively simple process for a professional HVAC technician, your air conditioning unit should be checked for the source of the leak so that it does not happen again later in the summer. 

Cost range: $200-$600 (This will depend on the refrigerant type and AC size)

4. Frozen AC Compressor

When the evaporator coils in your AC’s outside condenser unit get too cold, it will freeze nearby moisture in the air. This leads to frost buildup, and eventually that frost can encase the compressor component, preventing it from operating correctly. The fix? Turn off your AC for a while until the frost has melted away, and try your AC again (this time with a higher thermostat setting). If the problem persists, call in the AC experts at Brower Mechanical to diagnose the issue!

Cost range: $0 (Unless the problem persists, then further repairs may be required)

5. Failed Capacitor in the Condenser Unit

Capacitors are an essential electrical component for an AC compressor — and a broken capacitor will prevent a proper electrical connection to the part of your AC that creates the cool air you’re looking for. Locating which capacitor has failed should only be handled by a professional, as the risk of electric shock makes it extremely dangerous. 

Cost range: $150-300 (including parts and labor)

Need Help Diagnosing and Repairing Your Air Conditioner? Call Brower!

These common fixes for air conditioners are relatively straightforward, but getting it wrong can cause more damage to your cooling system, leading to a drained wallet and a sweaty, uncomfortable home. The best course of action when it comes to a broken air conditioner is to consult the experts — and in Sacramento you need look no further than Brower Mechanical. Our team of AC service technicians will get you up and running in no time, while keeping your comfort and budgetary needs in mind. Get AC repair help from Brower Mechanical today!

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