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Indoor Air Quality

Man sneezing with air particles present - showing indoor air quality

Although it may come as a surprise, indoor air is commonly two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is important to be mindful of indoor air quality, thus Brower Mechanicals closely follows HVAC industry best practices to ensure clean air.

Clean indoor air:

  • Minimizes allergy and asthma triggers by lowering pollen, pet dander, dust, and mold levels
  • Reduces odors for a more pleasant indoor environment
  • Promotes overall well being and can improve sleep quality 
  • Protects health by ensuring safe carbon dioxide levels

Our Filter Program for Cleaner Air

One of the biggest hurdles to clean indoor air is remembering to change the air filter on the HVAC equipment. We give members of our filter program peace of mind by shipping a yearly supply of filters, and providing a friendly reminder by email, text, or phone to swap out the old filter.

In keeping with the Brower Mechanical commitment to install only high quality equipment, we offer you the Airguard Filter series, with 3 filter programs to choose from:

Bronze – We bring 4 filters to your home that are good quality and will trap many small particles from the air in your home.

Silver – We bring 4 filters to your home that are better quality and will trap most small particles from the air in your home.

Gold – This is the best value and the best filter we offer. If your filter rack will accept this 2-inch filter we will bring you 2 of these per year (fewer replacements per year than Silver or Bronze because the filters last longer).

More Indoor Air Quality Solutions For Your Home:

Ventilation Provides Fresh Air

Air can carry pollutants as it travels through your home. Without good ventilation, pollutants can become trapped indoors and create health problems for everyone in your family.

Your Brower Mechanical advisor can recommend energy-saving ventilation equipment and devices to further clean your air and offer and even higher level of protection. From whole house filtration systems to heat recovery ventilators to duct cleaning and sealing – we provide a suite of services for cleaner indoor air.

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UV Light Air Purifiers 

UV lighting as part of an HVAC system is another part of the IAQ solution. Adding a UV light purifier inside your central air system could kill up to 99%* of most germs and viruses circulating in your air, leading to cleaner air and better health for the people living in your home.  UV light air purifiers are just one of Brower’s indoor air quality and home performance services.

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Following Air Quality Best Practices

As with everything Brower Mechanical does in your home, we strive to maintain and improve overall indoor air quality. We make sure your combustion chamber is working and venting safely.

Your indoor air quality is important to us and a consideration in all the work we do, from HVAC servicing to home performance upgrades. All our technicians are trained in identifying indoor air quality issues and providing cost-effective solutions to protect your family.

Brower Mechanical serves the Sacramento region, including Antelope, Elk Grove, Galt, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Roseville, Citrus Heights, Rocklin, Auburn, Davis, Yuba City and Granite Bay with a full range HVAC and energy efficiency services. Our expert team is skilled indoor promoting your indoor air quality for a healthy home.

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The air you breathe affects everything you do.

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Judy S., Citrus Heights, CA

I am so pleased with your home air filter program and I cannot thank you enough. My children are not sneezing nearly as often and I am not dusting nearly as often. Your Clean Air Program really makes keeping clean filters in our home easy and affordable.

Judy S.
Citrus Heights, CA