Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM)

In many cases, home buyers can include the cost of energy efficiency upgrades in their mortgage. Learn from our experience in this area.

The Energy Efficient Mortgage Program (more commonly known as the EEM), is a government-sponsored financing tool that allows you to roll the cost of energy efficient improvements into your FHA, VA or conventional home loan when purchasing or refinancing. No additional qualifying is necessary.

Brower Mechanical has a one-stop team who can talk with you to see if your home qualifies. The EEM program covers several improvements to your home including but not limited to:

  • Installment of insulation
  • Sealing of air ducts
  • Air leakage control
  • New high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning systems
  • Set back thermostats
  • Self-cleaning water heaters
  • Custom-made durable sunscreens
  • Energy efficient double-pane windows
  • High efficiency light installation
  • Whole-house fans

These wonderful improvements to your home can not only save you money where energy bills are concerned, but they can improve the level of comfort achieved within your own home. Up to 5% of the home selling price may be added to create energy efficient measures. Ask your realtor about Energy Efficient Mortgages, or call Brower today.