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Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are an effective way to cool and ventilate Sacramento­-area homes, while enhancing both comfort and indoor air quality. These fans work by drawing out heat, moisture, odors, and fumes, replacing it with a stream of cool and fresh outdoor air that can have your home feeling much cooler without you having to turn on your expensive air conditioner!

Whole house fans:

  • Lower cooling costs with the strategic use of ventilation
  • Remove indoor pollutants and promotes indoor air quality
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels for a cleaner environment
  • Increase home value
  • Avoid the accumulation of moisture that can promote mold growth
  • Make ventilation available at the flick of a switch

How Whole House Fans Work

When switching on a whole house fan, hot air exits through your attic vents or roof. This negative pressure will draw fresh air in through your windows, forming a comfortable breeze throughout your Sacramento­-area house. You can choose which windows to have open, giving you great control over how your home ventilates.

These systems often use 90% less energy to operate than an air conditioning system, dramatically cutting Sacramento-­area cooling costs. Whole house fans enable you to quietly capture the benefit of cooler nighttime temperatures, for greater comfort and utility savings.

High Quality Ventilation Products

We install high-quality AirScape products because of their outstanding energy efficiency, reliability, and innovative design. These products can be installed without impacting the integrity of your existing attic insulation, and they contain automatic insulating doors and a motorized damper. Brower Mechanical clients enjoy the whisper-quiet fan, which is strategically placed to significantly reduce fan noise.

Professional Design and Installation

To ensure that your whole house fan provides the most value and obtains ideal air exchange rates, it is recommended to use a professional for the design and installation process. With 35 years of experience in home comfort, our skilled technicians can seamlessly integrate a whole house fan in your home to realize the greatest energy savings.

Brower Mechanical will calculate the air volume of your Sacramento home to accurately size a whole house fan and create a customized solution. We treat our clients as we would want to be treated and provide exceptional customer service!

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Take advantage of northern California's natural cooling power.

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