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Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Solar panels offer homeowners throughout the Greater Sacramento area the opportunity to cut electricity costs by harnessing power from the sun. While solar energy systems are generally low maintenance, the occasional need for repairs and servicing can arise.  

If you’re having issues with your solar panels or battery backup system in Placer County or a surrounding area, give Brower Mechanical a call for commercial and residential solar system repairs and maintenance. We service all solar energy systems, including ones we didn’t install ourselves. 

California Solar Maintenance Specialists 

One of the great things about solar panels is that they don’t need regular tune-ups. However, if you notice an issue or a decrease in your electricity production, it’s a good idea to have your system evaluated by a professional. It’s also important to get your solar energy system inspected after a storm to check for damage.

Cleaning is the most frequent maintenance your solar energy system will need throughout its lifespan, as dust, leaves, and other debris can hinder its performance. At Brower Mechanical, we’ll perform a thorough cleaning during our maintenance checks using panel-safe cleaners and tools.

During a professional solar maintenance visit, we’ll also review your system’s performance and inspect for loose or damaged wiring and other broken components. This will help optimize your electricity production and can even extend the lifespan of your panels. 

Solar Panel Repair 

Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh elements and are extremely durable, but damage can still happen. High winds, hail storms, and extreme weather can disconnect or damage the wiring, and inverter issues can put your solar energy system out of commission and reduce your system’s solar power output. 

If you’re having issues with any part of your solar energy system, including EV charging stations and solar water heaters, give the team at Brower Mechanical a call. Our highly trained technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection of each component of your equipment to accurately diagnose the problem and get your system up and running again at peak performance. 

Commercial Solar Maintenance in California 

Brower Mechanical offers solar repair and maintenance services to businesses throughout Placer County and the surrounding areas. If your business is running on solar energy and you're having issues with production, our team is here to help. 

Get the Most Out of Solar Energy with Brower Mechanical

We believe that solar energy is the best way to adapt to our changing climate here in the Central Valley and want to help you keep your panels running efficiently for years to come. Brower Mechanical offers a wide range of solar services that can aid in your switch to electrification while allowing you to produce your own free electricity. Don’t let poor maintenance and the need for solar repairs bring your production down—Brower Mechanical has your back! 

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Solar + Backup Power

Looking to add backup power with your solar energy system? Brower Mechanical has options for whole-home standby generators and solar batteries to keep your power on with there is a blackout or power shutoff. 

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