Switch to Solar & Get Off The Oil & Gas Rollercoaster!

roller coaster symbolizing volatile home gas prices
February 28, 2023

Are bloating gas prices making you feel sick? Natural gas prices are out of control this winter—there’s nothing natural about a $907.13 gas bill!    

Insulating and weatherizing your home can only do so much to stop surging energy bills. If you really want to save on gas bills, it’s time to get serious and make the switch to solar and all-electric heat pump systems. Switching to solar will get you off the oil and gas rollercoaster for good so you can tell your utility company to frack off! 

Brower Mechanical is the expert in lowering energy bills with FREE solar energy and all-electric heat pumps. Let us help you make the switch today. 

Solar Panels Generate Power for Free—Sun Prices are Fun Prices! 

Solar panels work by converting sunlight into electricity. Unlike oil and gas, sunlight is a 100% free and renewable energy source, which makes solar energy the most affordable and environmentally friendly way to power your home. 

Solar panel installation has many financial and environmental benefits for Californians, including: 

  • Energy bill savings 

  • Powers electric heat pumps for free 

  • Charges your EV for free 

  • Doesn’t burn fossil fuel 

  • 30% solar tax credit 

Heat Pumps Run on Free Solar Energy Instead of Expensive Gas & Oil

After you install solar panels, the next step is to switch to electric heating and cooling. Ditching oil and gas appliances for all-electric heat pumps powered by solar panels is the absolute best way to cut your gas bills and save money. 

There are ultra-efficient electric alternatives to every type of outdated gas and oil-burning heating system. It’s time to ditch the dinosaurs and upgrade your home with: 

The electricity from your solar panels will run your heat pump systems for free, so you can say goodbye to high gas bills for good. In the gas vs electric showdown, electric always comes out on top! 

Make the Switch to Solar and Start Your Path toward Energy Independence! 

Gas prices aren’t coming down anytime soon, and if they do, it won’t be long before they shoot right back up again. If you want to get off the rollercoaster for good, it’s time to ditch oil and gas and see what real freedom feels like with solar energy. 

Brower Mechanical can help you save with solar and heat pumps in Sacramento. We can get you ready to go all-electric with solar panels, solar batteries, and electrical panel upgrades, and set up with high-performance electric heat pumps for heating, air conditioning, water heating, and pool heating. Our expert, friendly team has decades of experience serving California homeowners and is proud to be a local leader in solar and energy efficiency services that save our customers money!

 Go all electric with solar and heat pumps to save on surging energy bills! Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us to get started.

Sick of bloating gas prices?

Get sweet relief with free solar energy.

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