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Energy Audits

infrared imaging energy audit inside home

Are your utility bills getting out of control? Want to save energy, while boosting comfort for your Sacramento-area home or business? From Elk Grove to Granite Bay, a thorough energy assessment with a whole-building approach is the first step to cutting your utility bills.

Whole-Building Approach

Our energy audits involve examining how your home or business performs from an energy-efficiency standpoint. In addition to a physical assessment of exterior walls, insulation, ductwork, and your HVAC system, we also use tools to assess its performance. We rely on data to make strategic recommendations to make the biggest impact on energy usage and comfort.

Energy Audit Tools

Our infrared cameras highlight how well your Sacramento-area home or business is performing. This valuable tool allows us to accurately evaluate performance to make informed recommendations. We are happy to share these findings with you, making it easier to visualize where precious energy is escaping, driving up your energy bills.

A blower door test uses a fan and a pressure gauge to highlight how much outside air is penetrating into your property. This energy assessment tool helps determine where air is leaking in and how to make your building envelope more airtight.

We also analyze 12 months of your utility bills to better understand how to save money and increase your comfort. If you do not have these bills available, we can help you obtain them.

In most homes, an energy audit takes about two hours and provides minimal disruption to your regular household routine. If you decide not to pursue the recommended improvements, there are no obligations. If you do move forward with Brower, we’ll apply the cost of the assessment to any improvements you make. Our visual clipboard audits are always FREE!

Energy-Saving Recommendations

The main goal of our assessment is to determine the best ways to lower your utility bills, while boosting comfort in your Sacramento home or business. In many cases, these improvements can also enhance indoor air quality and boost the resale value of your property.

We will determine the price and projected energy savings associated with each improvement. In many cases, there are funding programs or rebates available for these projects. As leaders in energy efficiency upgrades across the Sacramento region, we are experienced in using these programs to help you cut your energy bills.

With over 40 years of experience in the Northern California residential and commercial HVAC markets, we are experts in cutting your energy bills. Today, we are proud that Brower Mechanical is a local leader in energy efficiency.

Call Brower Mechanical today (916) 624-0808 or contact us to schedule an energy audit for your home or business. Our expert staff will guide you in cutting your energy bills and securing rebate funding.

Call Brower Mechanical today to schedule an energy audit.

Our expert staff will guide you in cutting your energy bills!

(916) 624-0808

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Bob K., Elk Grove, CA

Recently, Brower did an energy audit of my home and upgraded it for insulation and ductwork. We've seen a substantial energy savings. I would hire them at any time and highly recommend them.

Bob K.
Elk Grove, CA