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You wouldn’t want a doctor to operate on you before you had a physical examination that proved you really needed an operation, right? It’s the same with contractors. You shouldn’t let one work on your house until they conduct a thorough examination.

When you call Brower a highly trained comfort and energy specialist shows up armed with the latest home performance technology and diagnostic tools which may include a blower door, infrared camera and smoke wand. They’ll conduct a comprehensive home comfort and energy assessment. Your advisor then analyzes the data collected to determine your home’s optimum performance. They will provide options and costs for a customized solution as well as predicted energy savings and a guarantee.

In most homes, this procedure takes about two hours and provides minimal disruption to your regular household routine. If you decide not to pursue the recommended improvements there are no obligations. If you do move forward with Brower we’ll apply the cost of the assessment to any improvements you make. Visual energy audits are always free.

Although it may come as a surprise, indoor air is commonly two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is important to be mindful of indoor air quality, thus Brower Mechanicals closely follows HVAC industry best practices to ensure clean air.
Air leaks into your home through the exterior walls, windows, doors, and other openings. These leaks waste energy and increase your energy costs. A properly sealed home or business, combined with insulation can significantly lower your energy bills and your dependence on fossil fuels.
When Sacramento-area pool owners want to save energy, the pool pump is a great place to start, as they consume large amounts of power. Many homeowners are unaware how much energy their pool pumps waste. This is because many pumps circulate more water than is necessary much of the time, if they have only one or two speeds.
In the past, Northern California electric customers merely received a monthly bill and had very little data on their energy usage. Energy monitoring systems dramatically change this, providing a vital information about real-time home electricity usage.
Is your home letting energy slip through the cracks? Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the best ways to save energy and increase your comfort.
This effective energy-efficiency product helps reduce cooling costs by reducing summer heat gains down. Radiant barriers reflect radiant heat, instead of absorbing heat. Applying a radiant barrier acts similarly to having your roof in the shade, when in fact it is in full sun.

Cool roofs have recently emerged as powerful tools to keep buildings cooler during our hot Sacramento summers. If the roof is cooler, your home or business will also stay cooler, resulting in lower energy bills and less strain on your cooling system.

These systems often use 90% less energy to operate than an air conditioning system, dramatically cutting Sacramento-­area cooling costs. Whole house fans enable you to quietly capture the benefit of cooler nighttime temperatures, for greater comfort and utility savings.

Brower Mechanical uses only windows that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR specifications and we insure that they are installed so you get the maximum benefit from them. Like all of the products that Brower installs, our windows are guaranteed. If you are interested in new windows, your Brower Mechanical advisor can help you.
Surprisingly, indoor air is commonly two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Proper ventilation is an important strategy for removing contaminants, allergens, odors, and fumes from your home – protecting your family’s health.
Air conditioning in the Sacramento area presents a unique energy challenge. During heat waves, your air conditioning system works extremely hard to keep your home cool. During the hot summer months, typically the biggest segment of your energy expenses are dedicated to cooling your home. Ductwork is an equally important, "behind the scenes" factor in making your home comfortable.

There are a number of unique technologies on the market for connecting your home systems to the internet and gaining visibility – no matter where you are located – into energy usage and occupant comfort. At Brower Mechanical, we don't believe in using all the latest gadgets. We took our time with a number of ideas, and decided we were going to work with EcoBee and Nest connected home products.

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Bob K., Elk Grove, CA

Recently, Brower did an energy audit of my home and upgraded it for insulation and ductwork. We've seen a substantial energy savings. I would hire them at any time and highly recommend them.

Bob K.
Elk Grove, CA