Industrial Energy Management

industrial commercial electric meters

At the forefront of innovation, energy management systems allow businesses to lower operating costs while meeting business needs. This powerful tool enables businesses to overcome hurdles to greater energy efficiency and cost reduction, allowing for continuous improvements in energy performance.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, 30% of energy used in commercial buildings is wasted. These sophisticated systems help companies pinpoint wasted energy use, leading to year on year reductions in energy use.

The benefits of industrial energy management systems can include:

  • Reduces HVAC and lighting use when the building is not in use
  • Analyzes and manages energy use data
  • Cut energy costs year on year
  • Gain insights into energy use 
  • Lowers building operating costs
  • Enables strategic decisions about equipment upgrades and maintenance
  • Helps minimize the impact of volatile energy prices
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • High ROI upgrade

Lower Operating Costs

Do you want the air conditioning to run when a building is not occupied? Are lights on when spaces are vacant? With an energy management system, we can reduce wasted power, while still producing the desired results. Energy management systems lead to significant energy savings, without expensive upgrades on existing equipment for businesses across Northern California.

Mitigating Peak-power Use

Some utility companies charge higher rates during times of peak use. Strategic planning to minimize energy use during these times results in larger cost savings. Energy management systems can help lower peak usage, while still meeting a business’s needs.

Shaping Long-term Planning

Utilizing an energy management system leads to informed and intentional energy consumption, with reduced environmental impact. They enable better long-term planning around energy, helping organizations meet financial, comfort, and sustainability goals.

These systems enable companies to utilize best energy practices, effortlessly and on a daily basis. This process results in long-term energy savings, which can increase over time. Although some of the energy savings are immediate, they encourage continuous improvements – with year on year energy savings.

Expert Advice From People You Trust

Brower Mechanical has over four decades of experience serving business owners and property managers with their HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration needs. Many of our support staff have been with Brower Mechanical for two decades, developing extensive industry knowledge.

Our designers, installers, and technicians are up-to-date in industry innovations in commercial energy use, and regularly attend professional, industry, utility, and manufacturer trainings. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to provide excellent customer service to our Northern California clients for exceptional comfort and energy savings.

We build lasting relationships with our clients, giving you the benefit of working with the same team year after year. Our goal is to exceed your expectations of reliable and professional customer service.

Want to increase your building’s energy performance? Contact Brower Mechanical today to discover how industrial energy management systems can cut your energy costs.

You manage your business – time to manage your energy, too.

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