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8 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

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July 30, 2020

The summer is here and you and your family have been spending more time than ever inside your house. The hot weather is usually a great opportunity to unplug the electronic devices and get outside to enjoy the outdoors, giving your home a much-needed breather. But that might be harder to do this summer, and if you’ve looked at your recent energy bills, you can probably see the evidence that your family has been stuck indoors more than usual this year.

So, knowing that you could be indoors a lot this season, what can you do to not spend all your money on energy costs? Here are a few suggestions from Brower Mechanical.

1. Schedule a Cooling Tune-Up

This is one of the easiest ways to make sure you aren’t spending more than you have to to keep your home comfortable, and it should be on the top of any homeowner’s to-do list at the beginning of every cooling season. AC maintenance helps keep your air conditioning or HVAC system running at its most efficient, which will reduce your monthly energy costs, lower your chances of having to call for expensive emergency repairs in the middle of a heatwave, and extend the lifespan of your unit as well.  

2. Schedule a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit measures how efficiently your house is currently operating, and using equipment like infrared cameras and blower door tests, a whole home insulation company like Brower can identify any weak spots in your home performance. An audit should be the first step before any kind of home performance upgrades, which we’ll get to in Number 3...

3. Upgrade Your Insulation and Air Sealing

Proper insulation and air sealing don’t only benefit you in the winter. In the summer, you can keep heat, hot air, and outdoor air pollution out of your home by upgrading your home insulation and sealing up any air leaks. At Brower, we recommend looking at the insulation in your California home before tackling any major HVAC changes. After all, would you feel good about making a significant investment in a new cooling system if you knew that 30% of the cool air created was just going to be wasted?

Plus, home performance rebates and weatherization program incentives available through your local utility company can dramatically lower the cost of this important home improvement work! From attic insulation removal to insulation installation, Brower can help you make a difference.

4. Cooling System Repair or AC Replacement

Now that you’ve confirmed that your home has the right airtightness and insulation, see if you could benefit from new AC installation. Depending on the age of your current unit, or the shape it’s in (having you been following tip #1 every year?), you could stand to benefit from a new high efficiency central air conditioner unit. The average model today is more efficient than the average model from 10 years ago, and you’ll see the difference in your energy bill.

5. Upgrade to a Tankless or Heat Pump Electric Water Heater

Did you know that your water heater is actually a significant source of energy use in your home? You may not think about your water heating costs as much as you do your heating and cooling expenses, but new options for water heaters offer lots of potential savings. Whether it’s a tankless water heater or a heat pump model, upgrading can help you start shaving energy costs off every month of the year.

6. Upgrade to Ductless Mini Splits or Geothermal Energy

Now we’re getting into big energy savings. Ductless mini splits and geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize ultra efficient heat pump technology. These all electric systems can both heat and cool your home, and operate so efficiently that they can produce up to six times as much energy as they need to run. Plus, with year-round operation, the energy savings aren’t just limited to the hot months of the year.

7. Get Pumped About Your Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool this summer, you may also know how much energy a traditional single-speed pool pump can consume. Get pumped about your pool again with energy efficient pool pumps.  Brower Mechanical installs variable-speed pumps in the Sacramento region that can easily save on energy costs up to 90% over traditional pumps, saving our customers hundreds every year and thousands over the life of the pump. 

8. Go Solar!

Without a doubt, upgrading your home to solar energy will result in the most significant reduction in your monthly energy costs, and often that means completely eliminating your electricity bill! At Brower, we want you to go small solar. By addressing your insulation and air sealing and making sure your HVAC system is running efficiently, we can reduce the number of solar panels you’ll need to cover your home’s daily energy use, saving you money on upfront solar installation costs.

And there isn’t likely to be a better time than now to go solar—you’ll be able to take advantage of the 2020 federal solar tax credit, where you can qualify for a 26% federal tax credit of your total solar installation costs.

Stay Comfortable with Lower Energy Bills This Summer

Looking for a spray foam or cellulose blown in insulation contractor to make your home more comfortable? How about a quality AC company with a variety of energy efficient HVAC options, or maybe even a solar installer who understands how a solar energy system can fit in your entire home’s operation? With Brower, you get them all! Talk to our team today about the issues you’re facing in your home this summer, and we’ll find an affordable solution for you.

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