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Brower Mechanical serves the Sacramento region with a full range HVAC and energy efficiency services. Our expert team is skilled indoor in installing, repairing, and maintaining ductless mini splits for greater home comfort throughout the hot summer months.

Do you want to find an energy-efficient cooling solution for your Sacramento-area home? Mini splits provide a great cooling option, and can help you save on your utility bills.

These systems make a lot of sense for summers in the Sacramento, CA area.

Advantages of a mini-split system include:

  • Provides both a heating and cooling solution
  • Enhances comfort with balanced temperatures
  • Boosts energy efficiency and allows for true zoning
  • Cuts energy bills by qualifying you for a lower electricity rate

If you’re like many of our customers, you want greater comfort without cumbersome ductwork and mechanical equipment inside the home. Mini splits are a great option. One system can meet all your cooling needs, with the ability to switch to winter heat from the same unit. We install state-of-the-art systems for single-room, multi-room and whole-house applications.

These systems are electric, not gas or propane. And because they are so efficient, you will usually stay within electricity Tier One. You’ll likely cut your electricity rate, resulting in huge savings on energy bills – not to mention switching off a gas heating system.

Mini splits provide even temperatures and allow true zoning, which is ideal for our Sacramento-area climate and its wide temperature swings.

As solar heat gain moves from one area of your house to another throughout the day, you can shift your cooling needs as well.

When indoor air quality is a concern, mini splits are a great option.

The air circulated in your home is filtered for common allergens, removing dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen. Avoiding the use of ductwork also prevents dust and other allergens from circulating in your home.

At Brower Mechanical, we design and install a system that is seamlessly integrated in older Sacramento-area homes, even when there is no space available for ductwork. We also commonly install mini splits to heat and cool a home addition, independently providing comfort to just one region of your home.

Whole-House Comfort

True zoning and comfort are at your fingertips. Several air handlers can be connected to one single outdoor condensing unit, enabling every room in your home to be independently conditioned for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.

Mini splits don’t need ductwork or indoor space for mechanical units, saving precious space in your home. They are popular in the Sacramento area for both new construction and existing homes.

For our clients in new homes where energy efficiency and comfort are a top priority, or in existing homes wishing to replace a natural gas or propane furnace – you can qualify for lower electricity rates, resulting in significant cost savings.

Single-Zone Solutions

A quiet indoor air handler is connected to a compact outdoor condensing unit to deliver both a heating and cooling solution to your home. We can engineer the system to best serve the unique space conditioning needs of your home. From room additions to enclosed patios, mini splits can work independently or in concert with another HVAC system.

These ductless units can be easily installed in both existing or new homes. Because they do not need space for mechanicals, mini splits provide greater design freedom in existing homes. Our satisfied clients enjoy the energy efficiency they experience, cutting energy bills, while enhancing comfort. Mini splits are also quick to install, minimizing the disturbance to your Sacramento-area home during the process.

Brower Mechanical

With extensive training and experience in designing and installing mini split systems, Brower Mechanical is a trusted name across the Sacramento area. We ensure that mini split equipment is skillfully installed, and our customers are protected by a full warranty.

As a locally-owned company, we are knowledgeable about the comfort solutions that work well in our Sacramento-area climate. The Brower Mechanical team is skilled in enhancing home energy efficiency and comfort, while keeping costs down. Our attention to detail has earned us a reputation for providing excellent customer service, at a fair price.

Ductless, mini-split-system heat pumps are often used in retrofits of existing properties where other ductless heating systems are in place, such as space heaters or a radiant heating system. They provide an effective solution in such instances because they do not require ductwork to be added to existing homes or businesses. We also commonly install mini-splits to provide a cooling solution for a room addition, where it isn’t practical to extend the ductwork and for highly efficient new homes.

Our customers appreciate the small unit size and the ability to zone different rooms, saving energy while enhancing occupant comfort. Because mini-splits do not have ducts, they are more energy efficient by avoiding the heat loss from ducts, which can account for more than 30% of space conditioning energy use according to the Department of Energy.

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