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Why 2024 Is the Year to Get a Heat Pump in California

December 18, 2023

Heat pumps are an energy efficient way to both heat and cool your home. In Lincoln, Rocklin, and the Greater Sacramento area, heat pumps are an especially good alternative to traditional heating and air conditioning because of their versatility, efficiency, and all-electric operation. 

Brower Mechanical installs several types of heat pumps, including mini splits, ducted systems, and geothermal heat pumps. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits heat pumps offer and why you should install one in 2024. 

Heat Pumps: All-in-One Heating & Cooling

Most HVAC systems only offer one function, either heating or cooling. Heat pumps, however, can do both, which means they can be used to keep your home comfortable any time of the year. California’s Mediterranean-like climate allows heat pumps to operate at peak performance during the summer and winter months. 

Get More Home Comfort With a Heat Pump

Heat pumps are better at maintaining a steady temperature throughout your home than traditional HVAC systems. Instead of an “all or nothing” operation, heat pumps run more consistently (usually at lower temperatures) to provide more consistent heating and cooling that makes you feel more comfortable. 

Mini split heat pumps provide the added benefit of room-by-room controls to allow you to customize the comfort in different areas. They also don’t require a connection to a duct system, making them a great option for bonus rooms or add-ons.

Heat Pumps Provide Energy Savings

Heat pumps are some of the most energy efficient HVAC systems available today. They work by moving heat from one place to another, instead of burning fuel to create heat, which is a much more efficient process. With more than half of a home’s energy usage going towards heating and cooling, heat pumps can offer significant savings on your monthly expenses. Additionally, geothermal heat pumps utilize the ambient temperature of the ground to move heat, which the Department of Energy reports can reduce your home’s energy usage by up to 80 percent!!

Electrify Your Home With a Heat Pump

Heat pumps play a crucial role in home electrification. By replacing your fossil fuel appliances with all-electric ones, your home will not only be compliant with California’s future regulations, it will have better indoor air quality and an eliminated risk of carbon monoxide leaks as well. 

Heat Pumps Are Eligible For Incentives

Since heat pumps are so efficient and aid in the state’s clean energy goals, they’re eligible for several incentives. The team at Brower Mechanical stays informed on what rebates and tax credits are available in our service area, and we’re a registered contractor with several programs. Heat pump incentives include:

  • Heat pump tax credits up to $2,000
  • TECH Clean California rebates up to $1,000 
  • SMUD rebates up to $3,500
  • Roseville Electric rebates up to $600/ton

Brower Mechanical: Your Local Heat Pump Expert

Since 1979, we’ve been helping families throughout the Greater Sacramento area with their heating and cooling needs. As a local leader in energy efficiency and building performance, we can provide reliable, long-lasting, and affordable solutions for your home. We believe in heat pump technology and our team only installs best-in-class systems, like Mitsubishi Electric. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services and 24-hour emergency services to keep you comfortable through anything. Ready to get started?

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