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Power outages—both scheduled and unexpected—are becoming increasingly common here in California as we continue to battle wildfires, extreme weather, and an outdated electric grid. Is your home prepared for Public Safety Power Shutoffs, rolling blackouts, Flex Power Alerts, and unplanned grid outages? 

Installing a residential solar system with battery backup is the best way to protect your home against power outages. Home solar batteries in CA allow you to store backup power and keep your solar panels running during a grid outage! With solar energy storage you can: 

  • Use more of the electricity your solar panels produce 

  • Keep your solar panels running during a power outage 

  • Get a backup power source for your home 

  • Avoid peak electricity rates and save more on your electric bills  

Brower Mechanical is the solar battery installation company Davis, Yuba City, Folsom, and Auburn homeowners trust. We have over 40 years of experience and are a local leader in energy efficiency and solar energy. Call us today to learn more about solar battery installation. 

Stay Prepared for Power Outages with Home Solar Battery Storage 

In response to recent wildfires, California utility companies like PG&E have announced public safety power shutoffs (PSPS). PSPS events happen when utility companies intentionally turn off power for selected customers to minimize the damage resulting from wildfires and other natural disasters. A PSPS event can last for a few hours or several days and can happen with little advance notice. You can monitor for announced PSPS events on PG&E’s weather awareness website. 

With a home solar plus battery storage system, you can avoid planned and unplanned power outages. Solar plus battery systems can temporarily disconnect from the grid during an outage, allowing you to run your solar panels and charge your batteries while the grid is down. You’ll be able to power your home with energy from your solar panels during a daytime outage and draw on stored power from your batteries during a nighttime outage.

Get Reliable Power Around the Clock with Solar Batteries for Your Home 

The one major downside to rooftop solar panels is that they only work when there is sunlight available. At night, you’ll have to rely on the electric grid. If you have a home solar power battery system, however, you can store the excess power your PV panels generate during the day and use your stored solar energy at night. Solar batteries help you use more of the energy your solar panels produce so you can save money and use less fossil fuel. 

Having a home battery backup system also comes in handy during hours when your utility is charging peak energy pricing. Your smart system can see when peak pricing is in effect, and draw power from your solar battery power backup instead, saving you money. 

California Incentives for Solar Battery Installation 

Home solar battery bank installation qualifies for several national and state incentives! 

  • The federal solar tax credit offers homeowners a tax credit worth 30% of the total cost of their solar panel and battery installation. 

  • California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) offers a sliding scale of financial incentives to homeowners installing new equipment for storing power, like solar batteries.

  • Net metering in California allows you to send unused kWhs of solar electricity that exceed your home’s usage as well as the capacity of your solar battery.

Get the Best Solar Battery for Your Home from Brower Mechanical 

Looking for a trusted solar battery installer near you in Rocklin, Sacramento, or Elk Grove? Brower Mechanical installs premium quality batteries, including Enphase solar batteries and Generac PWRcell batteries. We can help you choose the best solar battery bank for your home based on your energy usage and backup power needs. As energy prices continue to rise and grid outages happen more and more frequently, having solar battery backup for your home will make all the difference! 

Don’t wait until the power goes out to make a change. Call (916) 581-2265 or contact us today to get a solar power battery bank for your home. 

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