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Brower Mechanical serves Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, RosevilleRocklin, Auburn, Davis, Yuba City and Granite Bay with a full range solar services for clean, renewable energy. Our expert solar installers can help you save money for decades to come.

These reliable systems generate electricity for your home or business. With net metering, your electric utility will actually compensate you for excess power supplied to the grid.

Now prices are lower than ever, making it a great time to install a solar system. Since 1998, the cost of a photovoltaic solar system has fallen every year, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In addition, the solar federal tax credit has been extended and is available for 26% in 2021 of the total cost of your residential solar energy system. In 2023, this solar tax credit will decline to 22% and then be eliminated in 2024 for homeowners. 

There are many long­lasting benefits to solar electricity:

  • Generates renewable energy for a cleaner environment
  • Cuts utility bills
  • Qualifies for a federal tax credit and other incentives
  • Increases the value of your home or business
  • Taps a limitless free power source
  • Avoids use of fossil fuels
  • Provides energy throughout the year, even in the winter
  • Can be paired with a solar battery for backup power 

Reliable photovoltaic systems generate electricity for your Sacramento­-area home or business. Rain or shine, day or night – you will have power.

It is usually most cost-effective for solar properties to be connected to the power grid, feeding excess power on sunny days and taking power from the grid during the night or on cloudy days. This eliminates the cost of solar battery banks and allows a higher level of system efficiency. With net metering, your investor­owned electric utility will actually compensate you for excess power supplied to the grid, allowing you to sell electricity to the power company.

Recent technology advances make solar panels more efficient than ever, taking up less space to generate more energy. Solar panels and other components come with competitive warranties and are designed to last for many years.

Federal Tax Credit Saves Money

In 2020, the federal investment tax credit (or ITC) was extended for an additional two years. This federal tax credit will remain at 26% for 2021 and 2022 for the qualified expenditures for solar energy system installations on homes and businesses in the U.S. Qualified expenses include labor, site preparation, and solar components. This tax credit only applies to purchased systems and can not be applied to leased solar systems.

A tax credit differs from a tax write­off and is more valuable to the taxpayer. It is a dollar­-for-dollar reduction in income taxes owed. Under the new solar tax credit extension schedule, in 2021 and 2022, that credit is worth 26% but will decrease to 22% in 2023, before being completely eliminated in 2024 for homeowners. For commercial projects, the tax credit will remain at 10% in 2024 going forward. 

With over 40 years of experience in the Sacramento area, we are experts in cutting your energy bills and protecting the environment. We always treat our clients as we would want to be treated and provide exceptional customer service.

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Go Solar and get your 26% federal tax credit in 2021.

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Solar + Backup Power

Looking to add backup power with your solar energy system? Brower Mechanical has options for whole-home standby generators and solar batteries to keep your power on with there is a blackout or power shutoff. 

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