Replacing an AC Fan Motor — How Much Will It Cost?

Top view of an AC unit, highlighting the fan blades around Rocklin, CA
June 27, 2017

With temperatures already skyrocketing past 100°F in the greater Sacramento area, your home’s air conditioner needs to be working flawlessly in order to keep you cool and comfortable this summer. Unfortunately, around this time of year, many homeowners are already experiencing AC failure which results in air conditioning repair and replacement. One of the most common issues our technicians see is a broken AC fan motor.

What is an Air Conditioning Fan Motor & What Does it Do?

The purpose of your air conditioner’s condenser fan motor is to keep the compressor from overheating. Its job is to cool the superheated refrigerant that moves through the condenser coils of your AC unit, which helps to cool your home. Without a working air conditioning fan motor, additional parts in your air conditioner can quickly stop working, resulting in even more required repairs and frustration over a home that’s unbearably hot.

How Much Does it Cost for an AC Fan Motor Replacement?

When your air conditioner’s fan motor breaks, it will typically cost about $300 to $600 to replace. However, if your AC fan motor is under warranty, it could cost $100 to $300 - if your AC fan motor is not under warranty, it could cost between $200-$700. It’s imperative to get this fixed quickly, since without a working fan motor your air conditioner’s compressor can be the next domino to tumble. Its repair is even more significant — usually running closer to $2,000.

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Breakdown

The surest way to prevent a broken fan motor or any other kind of air conditioning breakdown is with routine maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, a certified professional will check and adjust all parts to ensure your unit is working efficiently. While AC service requires a small upfront cost, it will inevitably save you money on expensive repairs down the line while also extending the lifespan of your system. In addition, it will provide you with peace of mind about your home’s comfort during the hot summer weather.

Brower Mechanical: The Sacramento Area Home Specialists

At Brower Mechanical, our team of experts specializes in everything from air conditioning installation to maintenance and repair. In addition to being able to resolve your AC problems, we can also help you with other home comfort and efficiency solutions like pool heaters, solar panels, and complete home retrofits. So whatever your Rocklin or Folsom area home needs to increase comfort and decrease your energy bills, we’ll be able to help.

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