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How to Prepare Your Home Cooling System for Summer

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June 14, 2022

Summer weather always seems to come earlier than expected, often surprising homeowners in the greater Sacramento area into forgetting about their air conditioning maintenance

This classic mistake can leave a long list of benefits on the table  — many of which address the very comfort and cost issues that homeowners run into the remainder of the year! Read on for a checklist of preventative maintenance for your Sacramento HVAC system. 

☑️ Clean or Replace Air Filters

All of the air inside your home is handled by your heating and cooling system, and keeping that air clear of contaminants is extremely important for your health. It is also extremely important for the efficiency and overall condition of your air conditioner! As air filters become dirty, the AC motor will need to work harder to pull enough air through the intake and filter. This increased workload requires more energy and can accelerate the wear and tear on the system. Air filters should be changed or cleaned every 30-90 days, depending on manufacturer specifications. 

Air Filter Cleaning for Heat Pumps

Some heat pumps and ductless mini-splits utilize reusable air filters that can be cleaned by hand, inbetween professional cleanings.

How to clean a heat pump air filter

  1. Turn the system off

  2. Open the panel on the indoor air handler

  3. Remove filter and clean, using water

  4. Allow to fully dry

  5. Re-install air filter and close panel

Air Filter Replacement for Air Conditioners

The air filter for a central heating and air conditioning system should always be replaced to ensure healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). The right air filter size and type can improve the health of your home, without reducing AC efficiency! Ask the IAQ experts at Brower about your air filter options. 

☑️ Clear Debris & Inspect

The area around any outdoor heating and cooling equipment can become cluttered with debris over the cold months, so it is a good idea to take a spring cleaning walkabout and inspect any compressor or condenser units. Clear one to two feet of space around your compressor, and remove any trash or landscaping debris. 

☑️ Turn Your AC System On for a Test Run

It is a good idea to give your air conditioner a chance to “warm up” before you really need it to cool you off. Switch your thermostat to “cool” mode, and wait for a minute or two for your air conditioner to turn on. Feel your air vents for cool air, and then listen for any noises your AC might be making. If you hear any loud bangs, clicking, excessive whirring, or a loud hum, your AC may require professional repair. 

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

The above tasks can serve as an HVAC maintenance summer checklist, providing you a chance to check in with your cooling system and ensure you can turn to your air conditioner when you are in need of relief from the summer heat. However, if you want to reap the long-term benefits of a more efficient cooling system, then you will need to schedule professional AC maintenance. 

With a more thorough inspection from the HVAC maintenance and repair technicians at Brower, you can count on the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable home in the summer

  • Reduced cooling costs

  • Longer AC life expectancy

  • Reduced risk of an AC breakdown

Get ahead of the game this summer by preparing your home for the high temps with AC maintenance. Call Brower Mechanical at (916) 624-0808 or get in touch here

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