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Heat Pump Water Heater in living room

When many California homeowners think of heat pumps, they think of HVAC systems like... Read more

Solar house California

Have you been thinking about a solar panel installation for your home in Rocklin, Sacramento, or Davis? Now is the perfect time to call a... Read more

Solar panels on house

Installing solar panels on your home in California is not only good for the... Read more

Woman installing new light in home

Looking ahead to the new year and thinking about home improvements you’d like to tackle?

Happy people in front of mini split

We are all used to the ritual of sending money to Roseville Electric every month. But what if Roseville Electric wanted to turn the tables, and... Read more

Money on solar panels

Find out why it's important to start your solar installation project soon if you're looking to qualify for thousands back from the federal solar... Read more

Sustainable Home

Learn how to reduce the energy your home needs to be comfortable and increase its resilience to the warming climate here in California. Brower... Read more

Mini Split Myths

Do mini splits or ductless heat pumps clean your air? Separate fact from fiction with these three busted myths about heat pumps. Brower Mechanical... Read more

Electrifying Home California

Ready to learn more about electrification for your CA home or why electrification is important? The experts at Brower Mechanical have over 40... Read more

air conditioning noises

A well-tuned and efficiently running air conditioner should be quiet. So if yours is making an unusual noise of any kind, you'll want to get to... Read more


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