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woman wrapped in a blanket, next to a radiator, looking cold

Learn why the cost of natural gas is rising while the actual cost of gas is down. Find out how energy upgrades can help your house sell. And learn... Read more

clipboard audit being done by technician in home

Upgrade your home's energy efficiency with a free clipboard energy audit from Brower Mechanical. Energy audits are the best first step homeowners... Read more

extension strip with multiple outlets being used

How do you safely hook up a generator? How do you get building science "right?" And how do you fix your utility bills to avoid unpredictable... Read more

man in a winter coat angrily sitting on a couch

Not sure which generator is right for you? With so many choices out there, we help you find the right kind for your needs. Prepare yourself for... Read more

Man looking angrily at utility bill

Looking for ways to lower your utility bills and increase your home's comfort? Energy upgrades can be the perfect solution when done right. Brower... Read more

woman confused by fridge at home

Thinking of solar to power your devices and appliances instead of utility power? Make sure your home is ready first! Start with a clipboard audit... Read more

small child

PSPS are on everyone's minds lately, and for good reason. Tune in to Brower Power Hour to hear about what you can do to combat power outage woes.... Read more

woman at home reacting to a bad smell

Noticing a smell when you turn on your furnace for the first time of the season? Don't worry! Tune in this week to Brower's Power Hour to learn... Read more

creepy dark attic of a home

Tune in this week for more home performance treats than tricks. Want to know how to keep the energy goblins out of your house? Or to avoid being... Read more

girl in the dark with laptop during power outage

PSPS isn't done, so let's talk about how to get out ahead of it! Generators are a great solution, but make sure your home is energy efficient... Read more


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