The Benefits of Electrifying Your Home

Electrifying Home California
July 23, 2021

Ready to explore going green at home and benefit from the ensuing energy savings? It’s no secret that gas hasn’t been a friend to our environment, and now with SMUD rebates as extra incentive, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your home’s systems and efficient energy use with the pros at Brower Mechanical.

As communities world-wide push toward clean, renewable energy, electricity consistently comes out on top. Oftentimes, electrification of your home is a significant step you can take towards green living and reducing your long-term energy costs.

But what is electrification, and what are its benefits for your Sacramento home? 

What is Electrification? 

What is electrification? It is the process of powering your home by electricity and replacing or upgrading any gas-powered appliances or systems. Electrification is more important now than ever given California's aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals. Based on various studies, the state of California believes that residential building electrification presents an opportunity to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions, creating a healthier planet, and to foster savings for California homeowners by lowering monthly bills, initial investment costs, and repair and maintenance costs in the short and long term.

With this in mind it’s clear that electrification offers many advantages! Let’s dive in:

Why Electrify Your Home

1. Reduce Your Utility Bills

Monthly bills can add up fast. Between groceries, car loans, and other expenses — who wants to pay for utilities too?

By electrifying your home, you can significantly reduce, and in most cases, completely eliminate, utility bills altogether. All these savings add up over time, and almost all solar panel systems pay for themselves, or triple the savings, in the course of their lifetime. This means you’re saving serious money in the long run. 

2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

One of the most popular places to start in electrifying your home is by installing solar panels. A solar-powered home is reliable, efficient, and has a small to nonexistent carbon footprint, especially when solar panels are paired with solar batteries to conserve the energy your home produces before sundown. Plus, with the tax credits available for solar energy systems, the time it takes to payback your solar upgrade is reduced even further!

3. Diversify Your Local Grid

Energy diversification is primarily a goal for communities rather than individuals, but the more interest there is in diversification at a public level, the higher the likelihood of it becoming a reality. 

According to Vox, “Diversifying our energy mix to include an array of low-carbon resources helps build political independence, economic growth, and environmental protection.” What does this mean for your home? Lower energy costs, reduced power outages, less dependence on volatile energy costs, and in the case of totally self-generated energy, complete freedom from power outages.

How to Electrify Your Home

Though solar panels are often a top-of-mind home electrification upgrade, they’re not always immediately affordable. Fortunately, California homeowners have a number of home improvement projects available to start electrifying homes at every price point! These include:

Start Making the Switch

Excited to begin but don’t know where to start? The pros at Brower Mechanical are here to help with all varieties of home electrification projects! In addition to financing options, Brower Mechanical offers a Free Clipboard Audit to help you determine the best place to start in improving your home’s performance at any budget.

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