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sparking electricity from a lightbulb

From incentives to leave gas behind, to opportunities for home backup power, your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small discuss the future of... Read more

sick home concept

Tune in to this special edition with Dr. Tom Hopkins about how to stay safe in your home amidst the coronavirus concerns.

small child dressed as a doctor with stethoscope

Learn about how to maximize your home's efficiency when tuning in to this week's Power Hour. Along with advice from our guest Dr. Tom Hopkins, you... Read more

creepy attic

Whether you are needing more information about your home's electricity usage, home generator power, or even rats in the home, listen in! This week... Read more

stacks of coins next to a paper house with a hand dropping a quarter into it.

Electrical incentives, whole house fans, and water heaters: this week's Power Hour is all about saving you money. Tune in to learn more.

Two hands holding paper house and sun over flowers

How does solar work in a power outage? What's up with the cost of gas? And is bigger better when it comes to your HVAC? All this and more... Read more

worker repairing ceiling air conditioning unit and giving an ok symbol with his hand

This week's Power Hour tackles why efficiency is all about electricity, the difference between revitalizing vs tuning up your HVAC and what sets... Read more

football fans celebrating

How do you navigate the new restrictions on additional solar panels? What's that "hold" button on your thermostat for? And which is really less... Read more

couple paying utility bill

How has the home energy and solar industries changed in the past few years? How do you make your last utility payment? And how can the Brower... Read more

A pen pointing to a energy rating chart

In this week's Power Hour, we discuss preparing for the next power shutoff with portable generators, why Brower should be your first call, and how... Read more


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