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Coronavirus safety in the home. Dr. Tom Hopkins has some suggestions.

small child dressed as a doctor with stethoscope
Sunday, March 8, 2020 - 3pm

Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small start the show with a conversation getting into the values of a healthy home. There are many things to consider for the house and Duane describes some of the elements to consider. Some may be obvious but others not so much.

Know your options!

Utilities are very significant elements for you to maximize efficiency in your home’s operating expenses. Knowing your options vs the utility pricing could vary the decision considerably. Duane explains the process to help in the evaluation with some great case study descriptions. If you’re considering upgrades for your home, be sure to listen in. It’s well worth your time.

Guest Interview with Dr. Tom Hopkins

This is a special segment with a guest interview with Dr. Tom Hopkins addressing the preventative steps you can take in the home to address both Coronavirus and the common flu, a much more devastating disease in our society currently. Very good reminders that can fall by the wayside as the concerns mount.

Dr. Tom spoke about some of the critical elements necessary for safety in the home with regard to many viruses. Yes, that includes the Coronavirus and flu. Duane explains how current technology can support the prevention in your home and some of the steps you can take to do your best for your family.

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