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Power Protection…going forward. Home energy steps you must consider.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020 - 9am

Keeping things on a positive note and looking forward to what’s on the horizon, hear about the most significant steps your service technicians are taking, following CDC recommendations in the best interest of the customer and the employee. And there’s more with Ultraviolet germicidal technology available to add an additional layer of support in the home. And if you are looking forward to the summer, remember your generators, especially Generac, need to be serviced by a licensed technician in the first 25 hours of operation. Brower is certified and ready to help.

Time to Electrify

Electrification is everything now. Prices are less than natural gas and using the resources like induction heating, heat pump water heaters and electric furnaces. So much more and the good news…rebates are bountiful. SMUD and PG&E are both supporting these transitions. More importantly, learn why you need to do an energy assessment BEFORE you can make these improvements work to your best advantage. Duane walks you thru the details you need to know.

Home Comfort Changes 

Today’s caller is a revelation in comfort. 17 years later, an original Brower installation is due for some attention. This is a great call from a homeowner with a home built in 1981. That’s well before anybody cared anything about efficiency. The system, the attic, the ductwork was all in need of review if not repair or replacement. Listen to the steps the guys discuss and some of the pitfalls many homeowners encounter in the process of evaluation. It’s possible a complete upgrade could be done for the same amount as your utility bill today.

Solar is Changing Fast

Touching a bit on technology in this segment there’s an in-depth conversation about the changes in solar and battery technology as home energy in an emergency has changed dramatically. And in just a few years. Batteries, standby generators, whole home power generation have all become significantly more sophisticated, complex and efficient. Did you know your older solar system will not provide power in the event of a power outage? New technology is available to change that.

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