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Electricity incentives are one shock you’ll want to get!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 11am

Generator power is going to be a big consideration heading into the summer season which is really closer than you think. What to consider? Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small are turning up the juice with the discussion about utility expense and how it ties into your decision on what to do. And keep in mind, Generac generators require service in the first 24 hours of run time. Brower can help.

Fans of Saving

Whole house fans continue to be a viable option for consideration to save money on your utility bills, or, as you’ll hear in the discussion, they can also reduce your solar requirement. Even up to 5 panels and that means $5,000 in savings too!

The Value of the Audit

The value of workshops is clearly indicated by the caller from this segment as he schedules his home audit. The consideration for his questions is evident in the responses he receives and that’s one of the unique propositions you’ll be sure to get whenever you reach out to Brower Mechanical.

Cost of Your Water

Now, if your water is heated with gas or heated with electricity does it matter. YES!!! Not in the temperature of your water but in the cost of your effort to heat it. Electric water heating is more efficient and less expensive and there’s a huge incentive if you’re in the SMUD territory for service. A $3,000 rebate for example. That’s an incredible value to convert to electric water heating and it will also reduce your operating bill each month as well.

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