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Can air purification and UV germicidal technology help you breathe better at home?

man inside home inspecting a vent
Sunday, March 22, 2020 - 12pm

Your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small do address germs in the house and steps you can take to minimize them with better ventilation and air purification. With so much more time being spent in the home, be certain everything is functioning as it should be is critical. Service is still taking place and the Brower team is as concerned about your health and safety as they are about the health and safety of their team. Best practices for safety have all been implemented to ensure the safety of all parties concerned.

Hanging Out with Your HVAC

With more time spent in the home, the demand on the HVAC systems will grow and highlight the inefficiencies of your system. Now is a great time to assess the operation since you’re home all day to identify its’ functions. Knowing the available options could lead to rebates and reduce the costs necessary to upgrade. You’ll also hear in detail, the rationale for rebates and why the utilities are willing to pay you to do so. This is a compelling discussion that Duane explains in simple terms.

Homeowner Breathing Easier

Today’s caller is a live interview with an incredible story from a very satisfied customer that took some suggested steps to improve the air quality in her home. Impacted with COPD and asthma, Loretta explains the difference an air “scrubber” system with UV germicidal technology has made in her ability to breathe and the story is truly remarkable.

Consider UV Germicidal Tech

The story from Loretta gets clarified by Duane to be certain the UV germicidal is well understood. The explanation does exactly that and it’s important to understand if this might be a consideration for you. It’s not a cure-all and still requires homeowner responsibility for good germ protection given the current situation. Today, however, it is a consideration worth investigating.

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