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Rebates, Incentives, and Financing: Take Advantage Today!

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April 24, 2020

Much of the country, including the town or city you live in, might be at a standstill right now, but that doesn’t mean your need for a comfortable and healthy home is any less. In fact, with people spending longer and longer inside their homes than ever, the need for efficient and reliable heating and air conditioning systems, energy saving home performance, and quality indoor air is greater than ever.

We understand that many homeowners may be hesitant to commit to spending money on repair calls, upgrades, and tune-ups for your home’s heating and cooling systems, as the future is uncertain. But in many cases, the best financial decision you make when it comes to your home is scheduling work now, to avoid more expensive work down the road and longer wait times come the summer months, and to start benefiting now from energy savings and improved home comfort.

That’s what makes the many rebates, incentives, and financing options such an essential part of Brower Mechanical’s offerings. Here are just a few of the ways that you can get the home services you need today without emptying your savings account.

Energy Rebates and Tax Credits

Which utility company do you get your electricity from? Many rebates and incentives are available through SMUD, PG&E, and Roseville Electric for heating and cooling upgrades, air sealing and insulation projects, hot water heaters, and more. SMUD and PG&E even offer financing. 

Californians can also take advantage of great solar incentives. The federal solar tax credit (or ITC) can help reduce net solar installation costs by 26%, and the state’s SGIP (Self Generation Incentive Program) reduces the cost for homeowners adding solar battery backup to their solar energy systems.

Many of the above incentives are only available for particular upgrades and home improvement work—a Brower team member can walk you through the incentives available for your home.

Brower’s New “Same As Cash” HVAC Financing!

When you have an HVAC emergency, or know you need to act now in order to avoid an emergency in the near future or long summer wait times, waiting around for rebates (or even figuring out if the work you need would qualify for one) might not be a feasible option. With Brower’s financing incentive on approved credit, you can get the HVAC service and work you need:

We want our customers to be able to schedule their AC tune-up, installation or other important HVAC services today, so take advantage of this great financing opportunity.

Other Financing Options Available Through Brower

Just like our many home services, Brower Mechanical customers have access to a number of different incentive and financing options. Our team can walk you through the different programs available, like the Ygrene Energy Fund, Greensky and Matadors Credit Union and help you find the one that’s the right fit for your project and needs.

Qualify for rebates, financing, and incentives to get the home services you need today. Call (916) 624-0808 or contact us to learn more from Brower Mechanical.

You don’t need to wait if you need work done on your home today.

Rebates, incentives, and financing from Brower can help!

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