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40 years and running… That’s why you know that “guy”

A hand drawing "energy efficient" and a house on a chalk board
Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - 12pm

Yes, you may be thinking that’s how long a furnace can run or your AC unit. Not true. Your hosts, Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small, share that it’s Brower Mechanical that’s been around 40 years. That means they know the “guy,” or the “girl.” When you need something relative to the home that may not be a service provided, Brower is surely going to know who can handle that issue.

Zero Energy Homes

Continuing into the second segment, you’re going to hear all about zero energy homes and the state requirements for new home construction. It’s more loosely related to zero net electricity usage. However, a truly zero net energy home would be all electric, no gas, or other power source. Find out what that really looks like in the conversation and where the trend is headed. You’ll be surprised at the incentives to support the process.

When Solar is Right for You?

When is too much too much? When you get solar before upgrading the home to energy efficiency. The current average should be 1 panel for every 1500 SF. You can even do better depending on how well your home is sealed. At $1,000 per panel, the offset easily can go into those upgrades yielding a much more efficient and valuable home. Address the symptoms of the home before you try to cure the problem. Here’s the elephant in the room. What if you’re considering a backup generator? Then you would certainly want the most efficient home you could create. You’ll need a smaller generator as a result. And of course, saving you money on the size of the generator as well. That’s truly the win-win-win.

Be Prepared

Know the end of the game before you start to play. Why would you look forward to a PG&E rate increase? Because you’ve got an efficient home with solar. You’re now saving more money than prior to the rate increase. That makes you smile. If you know what you’re trying to accomplish with the home before you invest in any energy products, you’ll be way ahead of the game. This is what Brower Mechanical does best.

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