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Are you solarizing your home’s inefficiencies??? Stop it!

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Sunday, December 16, 2018 - 2pm

Oh boy have your hosts Duane Knickerbocker and Bill Small got a show for you today. The title almost sounds a little like a scolding. But the reality is that many people go out and try to solarize their home before getting the home energy efficient, thus minimizing the amount of solar you actually need. By doing so, you’re certain to add too much solar and not get the best result either! That’s the one guarantee you can be sure of in that case and at $1000 per panel, that’s likely not the best way to go. You can see so much by simply visiting www.gosmallsolar.comthat it may even prompt you into the Brower Showroom to see firsthand what the guys are always talking about when it’s time to make the move to energy efficiency. See what a real attic situation looks before and after energy upgrades. Learn why there’s a good reason to get your job permitted when you’re changing out your HVAC.

Do you know what your “true” energy monthly expense really is? Most folk just assume it’s the electricity consumption but it also needs to include the gas to determine an average monthly bill. When you do that math, you may find you’re actually a great candidate for upgrades that not only produce results but that actually yield you something in return. That same average spend for the utility commodity could just as well be converted to a spend for new equipment that helps lower your bills, increase your home’s value and gives you a better living environment as well! That’s a win/win for sure! And the net expense could be the same or less! If you’re going to spend the money anyway, you may as well get something to show for it, don’t you agree? It’s up to you. Spend the money with nothing to show for it, or let Brower Mechanical help you learn how to get something for that investment that’s tangible, lowers your long term utility bill to something predictable and gets the job you want done as well.
You’ll hear Duane discuss a great case study on a 3000 square foot home that went thru this exact process. The outcome is incredible.

Today there’s also a guest on the show from Ygrene home energy financing. That’s all they do and it’s built with no credit check, no long process to get an answer and no back and forth. As part of the PACE program, the decision to finance your program can be made as you’re going thru the report from you home energy contractor. No FICO or credit checks necessary. What’s special is that Brower Mechanical, now nearly 40 years in business, was one of the first contractors to embrace the Ygrene opportunity to help finance your energy upgrades. You’ll want to hear what they can offer if you’re in the process of beginning a home energy upgrade.

Finally, Duane and Bill leave you with a vivid and helpful discussion on the inefficiencies of pool pumps and the values of the newer variable speed pumps. From energy to noise to cleaning capability, if you have a pool, you need to hear this segment.

With the holidays just around the corner, you could be planning to save into next year so that purchasing your gifts could be literally “free” if you’ve saved on energy expenses. That’s a gift unto itself! To find out how to make all this happen, give Brower Mechanical a call. 916-624-0808 or visit on-line at It’s worth the time to look.

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