Things are starting to heat up! Schedule your cooling system tune-up, repair, or installation today.


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May 13, 2015

It’s the time of year when smart home owners schedule their spring checkup to confirm that their air conditioning doesn’t quit when things heat up. Our top priority for scheduling goes to homeowners who are part of our service agreement program. In fact, here are 6 great reasons you should have a service agreement with us.

1. Move To The Front Of The Line! This is not just for spring checkups but for any other services and even repairs. When we get backed up, those who have a service agreement with us get put at the top of the list for call scheduling.

2. Prevention Is Actually Better Than Cure. Home comfort systems are asked to do more than most people appreciate. These systems sit dormant all winter long in the rain and wind and are expected to function perfectly when they are ultimately needed. Maintenance in the spring gets them up to snuff and helps to keep them operating as designed. Maintaining your system helps prevent breakdowns and your system operates more efficiently and that saves you money on power bills and enjoy increased home comfort.

3. You Save Money! Our service agreement customers get discounted pricing on all services including routine maintenance and even emergency repairs

4. We Promise To Remind You. We are all busy so the last thing you need to do is think about maintaining your home comfort system. Our service agreement customers receive a call from our service department to schedule your spring or fall checkup at a time that’s works well for your schedule.

5. We Get To Know Each Other! The vast majority of the people we serve are repeat customers. This becomes a win-win because you have to have complete trust in any service person you invite into your home. We built Brower Mechanical on being the kind of company with the quality staff we would want in the homes of our own family. This has allowed us to build a business relationship and genuine friendships with our clients. Several of our service agreement clients ask for their technician by name when they call for service and we honor that request.

6. Any Service Agreement Is As Good As The Company Selling It. Most HVAC companies offer some sort of service agreements. What one company does will be similar to another but action is better than words on an agreement. When you invite Brower Mechanical into your home you are assured that you have the top comfort company Roseville, Rocklin or Sacramento that we’ll your technician is not only trained but has ongoing training to properly service your specific system and make it run its best and as economically.

The summer heat is just around the corner and we have already had a taste of that heat. Becoming a Residential Service Agreement Customer is the best action you can take to assure your comfort all summer long and in the unlikely event of a breakdown you move to the front of the line! How great is that? Call us at 916-624-0808 for priority service.