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June 8, 2015

Today, June 8, 2015, marks the first day of the year where 100+ degree temperatures are predicted and the prediction is likely to become a reality. We love this day because it marks our first actual day of summer and the actual reason our technicians get out of bed.

The scenario will play out like this today for families from one end of the Valley to the other. The house hits 85 degrees and they simply go to the thermostat and hit the A/C switch and then they wait. The Brower customers that have had their annual maintenance completed will hear the distinctive sound of the unit turning on and their house getting cool. In fact, this is one of the guarantees that come with the service being completed. This is not the case for everyone else.

Some folks will notice their home or office getting warmer and will go to hit the switch and get nothing! No clicks, no sounds and certainly no comfort. This will be followed by upset and a scramble to get to the phone and get someone out as soon as possible to get the repairs made. While our service manager, Troy, does the best that he can there will always be more callers than service staff and that is why we urge folks to have a maintenance agreement.

We know from experience that when we maintain your A/C and heating unit on a twice annual basis that you will be more comfortable and you will save money in the long run. Cars last much longer when maintained properly and so do HVAC systems. They not only last longer but are also less expensive to run. Studies show that a maintained system will run so much more efficiently that the cost for maintenance is paid by lower operating costs!

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