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The Danger When You Produce Before You Reduce

Reduce Before You Produce!
October 16, 2015

We talk daily about the idea of reducing before you start producing.  What happens when you produce before you reduce?  This scenario played out recently in Southern California and it’s worth looking at.

            A couple in Southern California decided to lease a solar system from a well known company and they installed about 128% of what the couple needed.  The couple was promised savings on their electric bill and after 11 months they had not saved even a dime.  A call to the company that installed the system and the electric company of record Southern California Edison revealed what the problem was.  Since the system was 128% of what was needed for the home the electric company designated the home a potential electrical energy retailer and refused to allow the system to connect to their grid. 

Not allowing the system to go on line meant that the solar company didn’t get the expected rebates, the couple didn’t get the expected savings, the grid did not get the desired benefit… in short it seems that no one was better off.  The solar installer finally decided to remove the system, absolve the couple of any financial responsibility and the home was returned to pre solar status.  The couple is planning on going solar again and this time they have decided to go with a company that can sell them the right sized unit for their home!

This is the same end result when someone decides to produce before they reduce.  When Brower Mechanical installs a solar electrical system we engineer it for your actual needs.  Once installed and you perform energy upgrades you will be producing more than you can use and this could make you a potential electrical energy retailer and that could cause issues with either PG&E, SMUD or Roseville Electric.  That ignores the actual waste of producing too much electricity that no one can benefit from and paying for something you cannot use.

Look to the Energy Professionals at Brower Mechanical to help you reduce before you produce and make this a win-win for everyone.  For additional information call us at 916-624-0808 or visit