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June 30, 2015

The last thing that electric cars are is cheap and this is one of the big reasons that Americans aren’t buying them as hoped. A vote Thursday by California regulators hopes to change some of that.

We have been telling people for a long time that combining electric cars with solar power goes a long way to doubling what you can save and keep more money in your pocket. Since electric cars hit the market in 2010 there have been rebates available and more than 100,000 buyers have taken advantage of these rebates. Before Thursday the maximum rebate was $2500 or a little less than 10% of what a Nissan Leaf would cost you and far less than a Tesla will set you back.

On Thursday the California Air Resources Board increased the rebates to $4,000 for what they determined are low-income buyers. The definition of a low-income buyer is someone making less than $73,000 per year for a 4 person household and $48,000 for a 2 person household. Those that are wealthier will suddenly get no rebate at all! The changes come as a result of people complaining that the rebates subsidize the wealthy at the cost of those not so well off. We know that more electric cars on the road benefit each of us at the end of the day.

The state is going to continue to provide rebates for plug-in hybrids which run on gasoline once their battery supply is depleted and these low income people can get $3,000 in rebates. If you are even considering an electric vehicle then solar electricity should also be on your list. This is the ultimate in a no-brainer.

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