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ice packs on fan in office
June 23, 2015

We will admit that we love this picture around here. It shows someone who got warm enough that they had to finally take action. This idea does have seasonal limitations however. What is this would-be-inventor going to do when the cold weather hits? Hard to build a fire on the back of a fan and get warmer so something has to be changed.

As you might imagine we keep am pretty close eye on the weather forecast. We schedule our staff time around 100 degree days and we looked this morning and the end of the week looks HOT! By HOT I mean 100+ for at least a couple of days. This means that most people are going to rely on their home and office comfort system to answer the call and go from zero to hero. For some older systems that can be a tall order and they still get it done. If you have an older system that you don’t maintain keep reading. If you have a newer system that you keep maintained just skim this for a friend.

Older systems fail more often because they are called on to do more. The double whammy comes when we fail to maintain them. It would be like having a car with 250,000 miles on it and not changing the oil. This is a bad plan all the way around.

If you are a member of the frozen water bottle group (there are a lot of you out there with some interesting solutions) pay attention. The heat is coming and having things that are water based that melt around electricity is a truly awful idea and can cause you problems. Quit working on the symptom and get to work on the problem. The heat will exist as long the Sacramento Valley does. Having a comfort system that can keep up is what this is all about.

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